August 30, 2021

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Refurbishing a Private Jet

Is It Worthwhile to Upgrade Your Business Jet’s Cabin? Let’s Find Out!

One of the simplest ways to bring a business jet up-to-date is to overhaul its cabin’s interior with durable, easy-care finishes that usher it into the modern era, even for decades-old planes.
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August 19, 2021

5 Most Popular Avionics Retrofits for Your Used Business Jet

Top Avionics Systems for Those Who Own a Private Jet

With a high demand and low inventory of business jets, many jet shoppers have decided to purchase an aircraft that needs a little love. One of the most common upgrades is the avionics system; a retrofit brings this system into...
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August 11, 2021

Buying a Used Private Jet Just Got a Little Harder. Here's Why.

Working with an IADA Accredited Aircraft Dealer Helps You Get a Good Deal on Pre-Owned Jets for Sale

Anyone with knowledge of basic economics knows that low inventories drives up prices -- especially as demand increases, too. This is absolutely the case in the used private jet sector, in which experts are seeing a strong uptick in sales.
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August 4, 2021

Our Guide to the Embraer Legacy 650

earn More About This Long-Range Used Private Jet Fit for Executive Travel

Announced in 2009, the Embraer Legacy 650 was kin to the Legacy 600, with an increased range of 500 nautical miles and more headroom, higher altitude take-off and climb thrust. But in August 2020, Embraer announced that the jet’s production...
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July 26, 2021

Global Jet Capital Predicts Soaring Financial Future for Business Jets

What Does This Mean for Shoppers Seeking Pre-Owned Jets for Sale?

The business jet market is projected to reach $162.1 billion in total transactions for both new and used private jets, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4 percent through 2025, according to a recent report by Global Jet...
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July 12, 2021

Why a Private Jet Card Might Not be Worth the Cost

Is Owning a Private Jet Better Than Buying a Jet Card?

Fractional ownership and jet cards come with a variety of fees you may not be aware of when comparing these programs on their faces. Let’s learn why private jet cards may not be worth the cost and what your alternatives...
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July 7, 2021

A Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best Midsize Private Jet

Explore a Large Inventory of Used Business Jets for Sale at

If you’ve been tasked with locating and purchasing a business jet for your company, and you’ve narrowed down the list of possibilities to midsize private jets, we have good news and bad news.
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June 26, 2021

Is Aircraft Acquisition Management Worth It?

Buying a Private Jet for Sale is a Complex Process

Business jet acquisition requires profound knowledge of the aviation industry to smoothly carry out the purchase, accounting, regulatory aspects, and registration. Missteps or failing to foresee potential issues with the process can lead to delays and other difficulties.
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June 18, 2021

The Top FBOs: What Sets Them Apart

Private Jet Owners Share the Characteristics of Their Favorite Fixed-Base Operations

Aviation International News regularly surveys the users of the approximately 20,000 FBOs in the world to determine which are the absolute best based on amenities, customer service, and professionalism. The survey asks FBO users to consider those they’ve visited in...
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June 10, 2021

Costs to Consider When Buying a Private Jet

Owning a Personal Jet Comes with a Variety of Expenses

If your company is completing a cost-benefit analysis for purchasing a business jet for sale, be sure that you’re considering these expenses, and any others that come up in your research during your fact-finding process as you consider luxury private...
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May 22, 2021

Choosing the Best Time to Buy a Private Jet

Business Jets for Sale Make Travel Easier

To determine whether now’s the right time to buy a business jet for sale, calculate a cost analysis and compare it to the benefits you’ll receive from flying privately.
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May 13, 2021

Looking Ahead: The Future of Private Jets in a Post-COVID World

All About Business Aviation and Finding Private Jets for Sale After the Pandemic

With the advent of novel coronavirus and the all-but-total shutdown of commercial airlines during the stay-at-home orders the entire world faced over the last year, businesses without their own fleet of private jets found themselves in a serious conundrum.
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May 5, 2021

Our Guide to the Cessna Citation Latitude

A Super-Midsize Business Jet Backed by the Reputation of Cessna

The Citation Latitude is one of Cessna’s best-selling jets - and one of the world’s best-selling - and a popular one for companies to purchase pre-owned to add to their fleets thanks to its passenger comfort and endurance.
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April 27, 2021

Things to Consider When Hiring a Private Pilot

Find the Best Candidate to Fly Your Business Jet

One of the most important moves your business will need to make after choosing to purchase a fleet of business jets is hiring a stable of pilots to fly them. Although there are various recruitment methods your company may use,...
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April 19, 2021

Fractional vs. Full Business Jet Ownership: The Pros and Cons of Each

Owning a Private Jet Makes Executive Travel More Pleasant

For those for whom traveling is a common occurrence, aircraft ownership is an ideal solution for decreasing the amount of hours spent in airports and aboard commercial jets unconducive to conducting business.
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April 10, 2021

Manufacturer Spotlight: Bombardier

Find Bombardier Jets for Sale on AircraftExchange

The story of how the manufacturer made it to the aviation industry and set the standard for private jets is a fascinating one that involves a variety of forms of transport to aid in many missions, private, public, and for...
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March 27, 2021

Executive Education: How Different Weather Conditions Affect Private Jet Travel

What to Expect Aboard Your Business Jet While Flying to Your Next Meeting

You can lead your company to success, but you can’t control the weather. It’s an age-old problem affecting flights since the beginning of air travel. All types of weather patterns can challenge your flight and your pilots’ ability to fly...
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March 14, 2021

Factoring Ramp and Fuel Fees Into Your Jet Operations Cost

Before Looking at Private Jets for Sale, Develop an Accurate Budget

Three fees those exploring jet ownership may not be familiar with are landing, ramp, and fuel fees. For each journey you make in your private jet, you’ll come across these fees. Learn what’s included in - and left out of...
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March 8, 2021

The Ins and Outs of Private Jet Management Services

After You Buy a Business Jet, These Companies Handle the Day-to-Day

Contracting with a private jet management service can save you a considerable amount of money per year, through bulk discounts for maintenance plans, pilot and crew salaries, and by chartering your jet when you aren’t using it.
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February 25, 2021

The Benefits of Fixed-Cost Jet Maintenance Plans

Take Care of Your Private Jet the Most Cost-Effective Way

Fixed-cost jet maintenance plans protect you from massive costs of unexpected breakdowns and mechanical issues with your private jet, and keeps preventative maintenance costs affordable.
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February 12, 2021

The 10 Most Influential Business Aircraft of the Last 60 Years

Find A Selection of Reliable Used Jets for Sale on

Since 1960, 10 business jets have exceeded expectations, many remaining in service in 2021 and available for sale on These pre-owned jets are smart investments for businesses looking to enjoy more efficient and productive business travel.
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February 10, 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Pre-Owned Private Jet

Choosing the Right Size is Your First Step

With so many considerations in regard to which used private jet to buy, you’ve surely been spending much of your time formulating how you and your team will go about making the decision. No doubt you’ve assembled spreadsheets to organize...
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February 5, 2021

Measuring Business Aviation’s Value to Shareholders

Your Private Jet Could Save Your Company Time and Money

With commercial airline schedules becoming more and more unpredictable, and global airlines adjusting their operations to cover half their normal routes with only one-third of their jets, larger companies are turning to private aviation and purchasing their own business jets.
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January 29, 2021

Going the Distance: Ultra Long Range Jets Mean Business

Luxury Private Jets for Sale Make Corporate Travel a Breeze

Buying a preowned business jet like these makes corporate travel more efficient, enjoyable, and safer for your business’s executives, while providing the creature comforts they’d expect from a nice hotel room or business center.
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January 23, 2021

Your Ultimate Guide to the Jet Buying Process

Find Used Jets for Sale on AircraftExchange

Buying a business jet is often compared to buying a residence, in part because the process is more complex than buying a traditional vehicle or other asset. As with home buying, purchasing a private jet requires a written offer, escrow...
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January 16, 2021

Owning & Operating a Private Jet: Understanding Net Present Value

Review Vetted and Verified Listings of Private Jets for Sale on

NPV is a valuable tool for determining whether something is a good investment - like a private jet. However, NPV for investing in a private jet is slightly different from traditional investments. Your financial adviser or chief financial officer can...
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December 22, 2020

Our Guide to the Bombardier Global 6000

A Large Business Jet Designed for Productivity

A massive jet with a 94-foot wingspan and more than 99 feet long, nose to tail, the Global 6000 is powerful and built for productivity in the air. Indeed, it is one of the most well-equipped jets in the world...
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December 22, 2020

Our Guide to the Dassault Falcon 50

A Super Mid-Size Trijet Launched as the First Transatlantic Business Aircraft

Today, the Falcon 50 stands as a frontrunner for companies on a budget looking for a jet for business travel. The Dassault Falcon 50 can be a good buy if your company is in the market for a reasonably-priced mid-size...
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October 25, 2020

Our Guide to the Gulfstream G450

Large Private Planes for Sale through Reputable Dealers

Its spacious interior with premium fittings and features and its ability to take on long-haul flights on a single fuel tank make the Gulfstream G450 one of the best large jets for sale you can get for your company’s business...
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October 18, 2020

Our Guide to the Cessna Citation M2

An Entry-Level Light Business Jet for Sale, Perfect for Your Company’s Executive Leaders

The Cessna Citation M2, an entry-level jet with all the speed, control, range, and comfort your company needs for shuttling executives from business meeting to business meeting, was launched in September 2011. It climbs faster than its closest competitor, the...
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October 8, 2020

Our Guide to the Beechcraft King Air 350i

A Twin Turboprop Plane That Offers Flexibility and Comfort

The Beechcraft King Air 350i is an attractive twin turboprop plane that business executives will enjoy traveling in because of its nicely-appointed cabin - despite its diminutive size - and comfortable feel in the air. It’s so jet-like that even...
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September 28, 2020

Our Guide to the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER

Find These Large Jets for Sale at

Frequent business travelers can fly in style in Gulfstream’s largest and fastest business jet: the G650, and the G650ER, with extended range. The reasons why are truly no-brainers: the Gulfstream 650 has earned more than 110 world speed records, the...
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September 15, 2020

Our Guide to the Embraer Phenom 300

The Most Popular Small Private Jet, Perfect for Business Travel

The Phenom 300, a light jet, was released in late 2009, pleasing corporate flyers due to its array of features and tech most often found on far more expensive luxury business jets.
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September 5, 2020

Our Guide to the Cessna Citation Sovereign

You Can Own One of the Most In-Demand Business Jets for Sale

Since its introduction to the world in 2004, the Cessna Citation Sovereign has been considered one of the best midsize jets on the market; indeed, it is one of the most popular models that aircraft manufacturer Cessna has ever introduced.
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August 30, 2020

Private Jet Travel Accelerates in Popularity

Purchase a Used Business Jet for Sale for Your Company for a Secure Corporate Travel Option

With the novel coronavirus pandemic sending commercial airline flights spiraling worldwide, travelers have shifted their sights to the private aviation industry.
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August 24, 2020

Our Guide to the Dassault Falcon 900B

Complete Intercontinental Business Flights in a Used Jet from AircraftExchange

For nearly 30 years, the Dassault Falcon 900 series has turned out top-of-the-line midsize, heavy private business jets. The 900B model ceased production in 1999, which makes it an older jet worth your company’s consideration as you help to build...
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August 22, 2020

Our Guide to the Cessna Citation Excel

Discover This Mid-Size Super Light Business Jet for Sale

More than 900 of these super light midsize business jets have flown since then before the production ended in 2004. With the most spacious cabin in its class, it’s no wonder that this jet is still in operation with the...
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August 20, 2020

Our Guide to the Bombardier Global 5000

One of the Large Private Jets for Sale at

For a business jet with a state room for sleeping, a galley that allows for the preparation of five-course meals, and a suite of top avionics, the Bombardier Global 5000 is the right choice for productive long-haul flights.
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August 18, 2020

Aircraft Cabin Features that Executives Need

Business Jet Amenities for Productive Travel

When creating a short list of business jets for sale to consider adding to your company’s fleet, be sure to prioritize certain cabin amenities, like these top seven features that executives need for all their business trips.
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August 12, 2020

What Determines an Aircraft’s Lifespan?

Look at Pressurization Cycles of Pre-Owned Business Jets for Sale

Unlike cars, we don’t determine a jet’s remaining viable lifespan based on the number of miles on the odometer. Aircraft aging is far more nuanced and takes into account multiple factors that you should consider when searching for your next...
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August 12, 2020

Our Guide to the Beechcraft Corp. Hawker 800XP

Check Off All Your Wish List Boxes with this Midsize Business Jet for Sale

The Hawker 800XP was born as a third-generation of the 800 series, and is the most successful private jet made in Britain. Because of its prior iterations, Hawker had the chance to improve upon certain aspects to turn out a...
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August 12, 2020

Our Guide to the Bombardier Challenger 605

A Private Jet Designed for Comfort

This super mid-size jet is part of the highly acclaimed Challenger line, which passes down the thoughtful design of the jet’s ancestors, and adds on updated technology and improvements.
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July 28, 2020

Why It’s Better to Own a Jet Than to Fly Commercially

Purchase a Pre-Owned Business Jet from an Accredited Dealer

One way to solve the corporate travel problem is for companies to purchase private aircraft. While the initial expense of buying a pre-owned business jet seems exorbitant, the benefits quickly outweigh the initial purchase costs. Company executives have found many...
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July 28, 2020

Should I Buy a New Aircraft or a Used Private Jet?

Find a Used Business Jet for Sale on

When it comes time to make decisions about executive business travel, one of the most important choices companies are faced with is whether to purchase a new business jet or a used private jet for important business trips.
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July 28, 2020

Our Guide to the Bombardier Learjet 45XR

One of the Best Mid-Size Private Jets for Sale

With additional safety enhancements, a handsome and thoughtfully-designed cabin interior, and ease-of-flying, the Learjet 45XR is a smart choice for companies considering purchasing a business aircraft.
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July 28, 2020

Our Guide to the Bombardier Challenger 300

An Economical Super Mid-Size Private Jet

In the late 1990s, Bombardier identified a gap between mid-size aircraft and large jets. With only one aircraft in that super mid-size category, its operating costs were just as expensive as a larger aircraft. After researching aircraft operators’ needs, that’s...
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July 28, 2020

Our Guide to the Gulfstream G550

Award-Winning Large Private Jets for Sale

The Gulfstream G550 was built for excellence, first and foremost, and is the most successful model in company history, as well as the safest and most capable.
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July 14, 2020

Why You Should Work with an Accredited Aircraft Dealer

Trust the Experts When Searching for Used Jets for Sale

Private jets allow business executives to attend faraway, important meetings and events with short notice, as well as provide the right setting for continual work while airborne. Major companies maintain at least one, if not a fleet of mid-size jets...
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July 14, 2020

Comparing Commercial Flights and Private Aviation Options

Owning a Business Aircraft Can Save Frequent Fliers Time and Money

Executive air travel is a necessity to negotiate business dealings, to build client and vendor relationships, and to attend important domestic and international events. C-suite leaders who fly via commercial airlines report spending many hours in airports, waiting on their...
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