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November 29, 2022

Executive Education: Flight Crew Responsibilities on a Private Jet Plane Versus a Commercial Airline

Owning a Private Jet Is a Very Different Experience from Public Travel; Here’s What You Should Know About Your Crew

If you’re considering a foray into business jet ownership, you’re doing the right thing by building a knowledge base and speaking with experts in the private aviation industry.

One of the biggest gaps in knowledge in those who have never owned a private jet plane is what to actually expect from the cabin and crew. (After all, you’re hiring an operations team to oversee the maintenance, upkeep and legalities of your aircraft, and you won’t be required to know the intricacies.)

In our latest installment in our Executive Education series, we’ll cover the differences between flight crew responsibilities on a private jet versus a commercial airline.

Refreshments and Meals
On commercial airlines, meals are prepared and loaded on the aircraft before the jet takes off down the runway and into the sky. The food generally comes from a distributor that specializes in airplane cuisine and is served on schedule, particularly in economy and business class, with more options for first-class passengers.

But on private jets, the cabin crew - in conjunction with your management team - choose the menu based on what your executives prefer or require. Prepared meals are then generally provided by a professional caterer and loaded aboard the private jet plane just before take-off. Meals can either be served at a scheduled time, or as your colleagues require them. In effect, everyone is a first-class passenger on a business jet.

Additional service can also be implemented on your used private jet to suit your personal or cultural customs and preferences - for example, afternoon tea and coffee service.

Restocking the Necessities on a Used Private Jet
On the ground, your private jet crew has a list of specialized duties that can include restocking the refreshment pantries and refrigerators in advance of the flight. Because it’s your own private jet plane, your crew can honor requests for items, including specific brands of snacks or drinks.

And after every flight, the interior of your private jet plane must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for your next business trip. Your crew is responsible for this, too.

On a commercial jet, flight attendants may be responsible for cleaning and physically restocking refreshments, but they are provided with standard snacks and drinks to keep on hand.

On a Private Jet Plane, Expect Broader Roles Within the Cabin
There often is little space for a large crew, even in a heavy jet, like the Bombardier Global 6000. This means your crew members pull double duty aboard your used private jet. A single cabin attendant is responsible for your safety, serving refreshments, and numerous other duties, unless you have room in the cabin for a larger crew. On a traditional commercial airline, a team of attendants share these tasks.

Business Jet Flight Crew Training
Each aircraft type and registration influences the type of necessary training all flight crew members must complete, depending on the jet’s country of origin. (In some countries, aircraft that seat fewer than 19 do not require training for flight attendant-type crew members.)

However, your pilot and co-pilot must complete annual training to maintain their licensure and stay abreast of the latest safety information. They’ll also need training any time you upgrade systems on your jet, including avionics. To learn more about crew training for business jets, contact a reputable service provider recommended by the International Aircraft Dealer’s Association (IADA).

Commercial flight crews undergo mandatory training, not only when they first begin their jobs, but also routinely throughout their careers.

Safety Is Still Top Priority
It doesn’t matter if you’re flying on your company’s business jet or you’ve boarded a commercial Boeing aircraft at the international airport nearest you. The one thing that remains the same for all flight crews is a focus on safety.

Expect to be required to abide by safety protocol, no matter what jet you’re on. After all, it’s in your best interest to do so.

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