Past, Present & Future of Private Jets

August 30, 2020

Private Jet Travel Accelerates in Popularity

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With the novel coronavirus pandemic sending commercial airline flights spiraling worldwide, travelers have shifted their sights to the private aviation industry.

Demand for commercial airline flights dropped as low as 10 percent as compared to before the pandemic, especially after airlines ceased service to certain destinations and furloughed tens of thousands of employees.

In April 2020, when passenger count on commercial planes fell 95 percent year over year, private jet charters were down by only 67 percent at the height of the first wave of the pandemic. By June, private jet operators recovered to just a 22 percent decrease below the prior year’s numbers, according to a recent article in theLos Angeles Times. Commercial airlines, however, continue to falter.

The lure of private aviation in the age of coronavirus is obvious: passengers’ reduced exposure to contagions gives them a sense -- and a reality -- of safety and security. However, business travelers around the globe know this is only one reason to choose private flights on business jets, and there are many others.

Here, we’ll examine why the private aviation industry has gained in popularity in recent months, especially with business travelers -- and inspire your company to build a fleet of business jets to shuttle executives between meetings around the world.

The Risk of Contagions on Commercial Airlines
The chance of picking up COVID-19 in a busy airport is quite high. Not only do thousands of passengers from all over the country pass through the terminals every day, but air travelers are stuck on a commercial jet with hundreds of individuals for hours-long flights. Health experts say the more crowded a plane cabin, the greater the risk of becoming infected with coronavirus, even with commercial planes’ ventilation systems.

Even sitting at the airport near the gate isn’t without risk; airport lounges are closed, so all flyers are now together as they await boarding -- that is, if the flights aren’t canceled last-minute anyway.

Business jet passengers need not navigate the throngs in airport terminals, nor sit amongst the public on commercial airliners, thereby reducing their risk of becoming infected with transmittable airborne diseases. This improved safety alone should be reason enough for your company’s executives to make the switch from their customary first-class tickets to flying via their firm’s private jet.

The Quiet and Confidential Business Jet Cabin
Anyone who has ever flown on a commercial airline knows there is limited, if any, privacy aboard the plane. Shifting eyes from neighboring seats can easily view work on executives’ laptops or tablets. And to participate in a teleconference aboard a jet is still considered a transportation faux pas, despite the popularity of such meetings.

Even if two executives are seated nearby each other on a commercial flight, they will find it difficult to openly discuss business matters, if they can hear each other clearly at all. Commercial airlines have temporarily banned the use of the middle seat, making conversation difficult over the general noise of a commercial airplane cabin. The noise in a commercial aircraft cabin reaches 105 decibels, which, over long-term exposure, can be damaging to hearing. At cruising altitude, the noise level drops to 85 decibels, which is still up to four times louder than the typical office setting.

Conducting business from the airport terminal is no better, particularly when needing to discuss confidential matters, such as important aspects of the company’s latest acquisition or special project. Even when exclusive airport lounges were available prior to the coronavirus pandemic, executives couldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security in doing business within their four walls.

Aboard a private, company-owned jet, your c-suite leaders can find the peace, quiet, and confidence to complete their work securely and confidentiality. With multiple business-supportive seat configurations available on light jets, midsize jets, or large jets, executives can work collaboratively or independently to accomplish their goals. Furthermore, business jets tend to be outfitted with noise dampening technology, quietening aircraft cabins to 75 or far fewer decibels at cruising altitude.

The Speed of Boarding and Deplaning a Private Jet
Despite the decrease in the number of air travelers on commercial airlines, passengers are still advised to arrive at the airport an absolute (and risky) minimum of 60 minutes before their domestic flights, and even longer prior to international flights.

Not only does this require your company’s executives to be at the mercy of the health of others in the terminal for longer than necessary had they chosen a private jet, but it also means they are losing out on valuable work time, which ultimately costs the company money.

Commercial jets also put your leaders at risk of waiting through delays for passengers who do not wish to comply with current in-flight requirements.

A private jet with a departure and arrival schedule that fits within your executives’ meeting schedules does not take as long to take off, land, or deboard, saving time over commercial flights. Smaller business jets are capable of accessing secondary city airports and can avoid the hubbub of major airports altogether.

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