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January 26, 2022

Aircraft Transaction Guide

Use Our Guide to Find IADA Members Who Can Help You Navigate the Used Private Jet Transaction Process

Click on each phase of the buying process below to learn about the private jet services that can aid you in completing your journey toward owning a private jet. Each of these jet service providers have been carefully vetted by the International Aircraft Dealers Association and have agreed to abide by a rigorous code of ethics in their daily operations.


After finding a jet to buy, your dealer will compose an offer letter. If your offer is approved, you’ll need to make the required deposit to secure the purchase; this money is placed in an escrow account when you enter into a purchase agreement.

During the Contracting phase, put your trust in an IADA affiliate that offers escrow services for buying a used private jet. Keep your money safe with one of our reputable members.


Secure financing for a used private jet after you’ve submitted an approved offer. Your finance company of choice will need information about the transaction, including your signed purchase agreement and documentation from your organization describing your financial qualifications for the loan.

During the Financing phase, work with reputable companies that offer loans, title services, and more as you work toward owning a private jet.


Before your lender will close on your loan to buy a used private jet, you must provide proof of insurance.

Maintaining insurance coverage is a standard requirement while owning a private jet. These IADA members can assist you with securing the policies you need for compliance and protection.

Never skip an inspection when buying a used jet. Ensure the aircraft is in suitable condition through a pre-purchase aircraft inspection, or PPI. If your inspection reveals a need for maintenance or overhaul, count on IADA members to assist you with readying yourused private jet for purchase.

International Transactions
Selling or buying abroad? Don’t get stuck in your private jet transaction. Get guidance on owner trust services and FAA regulations for completing your international purchase of an aircraft.

Post Closing

Secure maintenance tracking services to protect your investment and keep it in the air after you close on your private jet purchase.