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October 25, 2020

Our Guide to the Gulfstream G450

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Its spacious interior with premium fittings and features and its ability to take on long-haul flights on a single fuel tank make the Gulfstream G450 one of the best large jets for sale you can get for your company’s business travelers.

The Gulfstream G450 entered production in 2004, replacing the G400, which set several world records in its class. Gulfstream discontinued this model in 2016, with the last jet delivered to buyers in 2018. But, even today, the G450 continues to impress passengers and pilots alike and is one of the best-selling and most reliable business jets of all time. Today, there are 354 G450s in service.

Gulfstream G450 Business Jet Specifications
The Gulfstream G450 operates on two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C engines, which each produce 13,840 pounds of thrust.

On a single tank of gas, your G450 will accomplish lengthy routes, such as Teterboro, New Jersey to San Jose, California; Nassau, Bahamas to San Francisco, California; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Farnborough, UK; and London to Seattle. Due to its size, it does require additional room for take off and landing as compared to smaller private business jets you may consider; however, especially for these long-haul flights, the G450 doesn’t force you to compromise on comfort.

Refer to the table below for more specifications.

Gulfstream G450 Range
Normal Range: 4100 nm
Maximum Range: 4350 nm
Service Ceiling: 45000 ft

Gulfstream G450 Distances
Balanced Field Length:5770 ft
Landing Distance: 3260 ft

Takeoff Distance: 5600 ft

Gulfstream G450 Performance
Rate of Climb: 3760 fpm

Climb Rate One Engine Inoperable: 712 fpm

Maximum Speed: 586 kts

Normal Cruise: 476 kts
Economy Cruise: 533 kts

Gulfstream G450 Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 74600 Lb

Max Landing Weight: 66000 Lb

Operating Weight: 43200 Lb

Fuel Capacity: 29281 lbs
Payload with Full Fuel: 2500 Lb

Maximum Payload: 5800 Lb

Private Jet Cabin Features
As you should expect from a large jet, the G450 seats up 16 passengers, with the potential to sleep six on long-haul flights. Each seat comes with its own storage space and TV, which is controlled from the armest. Club seating includes tables spacious enough for taking care of business.

The cabin is 45 feet, 1 inch long; 7 feet, 4 inches wide; and 6 feet, two inches tall. Passengers of any height will find that they do not feel uncomfortable while walking at full height down the aisle to the private lavatories or galley, which is large enough for meal preparation and cooking. Your business leaders will find having a hot meal, customized for them, served during their flight to be a luxury they may miss aboard a commercial airline.

The seats, too, are comfortable, with some reclining into beds on certain planes. And with an advanced sound suppression system that reduces cabin noise by 18 percent as compared to its predecessors, the ride in a G450 is quiet, too, and perfect for concentration. Oval windows let in natural light, for an airy feel to the interior. Gulfstream even advertised it as such!

Aside from the stunning array of cabinets for storage in the galley, the credenza offers additional space to stow away all business necessities, including spare office supplies, reference materials, easy-to-access snacks, or creature comforts, such as travel pillows, throw blankets and ear plugs. A divan provides a seating alternative and an ideal place to rest. The baggage area can hold the equivalent of two sets of golf clubs, eight suitcases, and eight small carry-on-size bags in 169 cubic feet, accessible from the cabin.

Other potential features of the G450 - depending on how the jet was upgraded over the years - can include an airshow system, surround sound, DVD player, data ports, espresso machine, telephone, video monitors, and abundant power outlets.

Inside the Cockpit of the Gulfstream G450
In the cockpit, pilots will find the Gulfstream PlaneView avionics system, based on Honeywell’s Primus Epic integrated avionics. The G450 cockpit is equipped with some of the most advanced current technology for its time, including four display units, a Flight Management System, an Enhanced Vision System, and a Head-Up display. Gulfstream’s signature Cursor Control Device and large, easy-to-read displays use point-and-click technology to access the status of onboard systems or update flight information.Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display was available as an optional extra, so when buying this jet pre-owned, you should check to see whether it is equipped with it.

The cockpit seats two pilots comfortably, with onboard systems to communicate with passengers and crew with ease. Compared to the G400, the G450 provides 30 percent more work space.

Gulfstream G450 Ownership and Operational Costs
Flying 200 hours per year, expect to spend about $1.5 million, including fixed and variable costs. If you fly 400 per year, expect a total annual budget of about $2.25 million. Variable costs include fuel, maintenance, engine overhaul, and landing and handling.

A Gulfstream G450 sold new for about $45 million, but a pre-owned model is much more affordable. You can find an earlier version of the G450 for around $11 million, but later model years sell for up to $25 million. Prices do vary based on aircraft age, use, maintenance, upgrades, and upkeep. Expect a business jet with fewer cycles to cost more than one that has flown on many trips.

Finding Gulfstream G450 Planes for Sale Near You
To locate the Gulfstream jet for sale that will best suit your business needs and budget, contact an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Aircraft Dealer. Accredited dealers and brokers promise efficient and ethical business transactions as they represent you and your interests. These reputable dealers offer their extensive private aviation industry experience and connections to aviation service providers that only relationships spanning decades can provide. You won’t regret placing an immense amount of trust in them.

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