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August 18, 2020

Aircraft Cabin Features that Executives Need

Business Jet Amenities for Productive Travel

When your company’s c-suite leaders embark on a business trip in one of the private jets in the fleet, they’re looking to spend time relaxing, as well as completing their important daily tasks. The right business jet will offer amenities that meet both needs, in a size that accommodates the number of passengers the trips require. Further, the best business jet for your company will be capable of taking off, landing, and flying between destinations with ease. However, it is the cabin amenities that will most greatly affect executive travelers’ experience in the air.

When creating a short list of business jets for sale to consider adding to your company’s fleet, be sure to prioritize certain cabin amenities, like these top seven features that executives need for all their business trips:

  • Full-Size Lavatories
  • Full-Height Cabin Ceilings
  • Internal Baggage Compartments
  • Well-Appointed Galleys
  • Separate Meeting Areas
  • In-Flight Entertainment
  • Sound Dampening

Business Jets with Full-Size Lavatories

Although your c-suite leaders won’t be spending that much time in the lavatory, a full-size one is of great value for business travelers, particularly when the jet does not have a private stateroom. These lavatories contain a basin, mirror, and a flushable toilet, located behind a closing and locking door.

A full-size lavatory provides adequate vanity space for freshening up before landing, especially if the next meeting time doesn’t allow for a quick stop at the hotel. Open floor space inside the lavatory also enables executives to quickly change clothing before naptime, bedtime, or deplaning.

Full-Height Cabins in Business Jets for Sale
Especially for longer trips, or executives who move about the cabin in-flight, a full-height cabin ceiling is a must-have. These ceilings tend to be just a little more than six feet tall, which allows most people to stand up straight as they move from their seat to the lavatory, galley, or internal baggage compartment. You can find full-height cabins on midsize jets and larger.

Shorter cabin heights should not be ruled out, however, especially if your company only requires jets for short hauls within the region. In cases like this, your leaders may not need to use all areas of the cabin during their flights and could easily opt to stay seated for the duration and have all their needs met.

Internal Baggage Compartments for Easy Access
Most private jets you’ll find for sale include an in-cabin baggage compartment for storing suitcases and other luggage during flights. Depending on the model of jet you purchase for your company, these internal baggage compartments may be their own dedicated compartment, while others may be located inside the lavatory.

An in-cabin baggage compartment keeps luggage easily accessible in case a passenger needs to retrieve an item from their bag, including computer equipment, hygiene products, or a change of clothes. Large baggage compartments are capable of holding all the luggage your business executives may need, rendering cargo areas obsolete (although you also will find these on most private jets for sale).

Well-Appointed Galleys for Drinks and Refreshments
Even light jet cabins include small galleys for drinks and snacks, but as you look at aircraft in larger sizes, you’ll see the galleys grow proportionately larger as well. Galleys in midsize jets and large jets for sale sometimes include small ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and espresso machines, sometimes adequate for preparing and serving multi-course meals.

Long haul flights require galleys of this size, whereas shorter flights easily made in a light jet do not need such galley features and are considered adequate with storage for necessities only, including soda, coffee, tea, and prepackaged snacks.

Separate Meeting Spaces in Midsize or Large Jets
For multiple business travelers on one jet, it may behoove you and your aircraft operations team to select aircraft sectioned into separated meeting spaces or staterooms to accommodate simultaneous business meetings.

You might consider an aircraft cabin with multiple club-style seating areas. The club configuration includes four seats arranged around a conference table. Some jet configurations include multiple club seating areas. Larger mid-size or heavy jets may also include a private stateroom with a divan for sleeping and an executive workspace. This private room is ideal for conducting confidential business, even with additional passengers aboard.

Entertainment Options in an Aircraft Cabin
Wall-mounted television screens, Wi-Fi hotspots, and entertainment apps are now standard on most newly manufactured business jets. Older ones, however, may not offer these amenities unless they’ve been recently upgraded by a former owner.

For longer-haul flights, entertainment features, especially wireless internet and smartphone connectivity, are a must-have for after-hours fun. After all, you know what they say about “all work and no play”!

Sound Dampening and a Quiet Ride
The quieter the cabin while in-flight, the easier it is to get things done. Sound dampening materials inside an aircraft cabin can help decrease the decibel levels that executives must contend with as they host virtual meetings and teleconferences.

Some aircraft cabins are as loud as the sounds of heavy traffic (80 to 89 decibels), an average vacuum cleaner (75 decibels), the interior of a car driving down the highway at 60 miles per hour (70 decibels), or that of a regular conversation (60 decibels). The quieter the cabin, the easier it is to concentrate, to hear, and to be heard!

Prioritize Your Executives’ Needs
When seeking an aircraft for business travel, you may find it easier to identify makes and models of jets to consider if you rule out those that lack certain features that you know your business leaders will require.

Your first step should be gathering information directly from them about what they expect in the next jet you add to the fleet. Then, when you’re ready to buy, contact an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Dealer to begin the process. These brokers and dealers will work in your company’s best interests to find a business jet for sale to meet your needs and your budget.

All IADA-Accredited Dealers take an oath to uphold a 14-point code of ethics, so you are ensured a transparent and honest aircraft-buying process. Plus, their relationships with fully-vetted aviation industry service providers help you get into contact with trusted organizations to maintain your jet, purchase insurance, and much more.

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