Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

September 25, 2023

It’s Time to Leverage the Hard Data About Business Travel

Could a Used Business Jet Be Your Ticket to Achieving Revenue Growth?

Your business needs to travel. You’re not a stranger to establishing and nurturing relationships in person. You know it’s important to get your team in front of clients and partners to demonstrate your engagement and make a greater impact.

But have you fully taken advantage of business travel if you haven’t yet made the decision to own a business jet for sale? Doing so puts you in complete control of your travel, an enhanced brand identity, and a significant boost to productivity.

While it’s critical to explore the specific value of owning a business aircraft, you also may need a better understanding of business travel’s return on investment (ROI). It’s one thing to know why travel is essential, but sometimes looking at the numbers reveals the facts in a way you simply can’t avoid.

Examine the hard data on business travel below. This curated list of stats and insights may be the boost you require to guide your decision. When you merge your intelligence about the benefits of business travel with everything you’ve read about the value of buying a business aircraft for sale through the right dealer, you may find your business in a new place: one step closer to your greatest potential.

What Business Travel Data Can Teach You About Your Next Best Move

Three statistics from recent analyses of business travel and global economic data are listed below, alongside key insights. This data will help you understand the current business environment, as well as future projections related to travel. These numbers not only affirm the importance of business travel, but suggest the need for a used business jet from an international, accredited business aircraft sales organization. This purchase will help you take full advantage of what the statistics bear out.

Custom Market Insights cites that U.S. business travel will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% by 2032, valued at approximately $359 billion.

● According to Vantage Market Research, the global business travel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% by 2030.

Harvard Growth Labs projects significant economic complexity growth in East African, East Asian, and Southeast Asian economies by 2030, including Uganda, (7.48%), Cambodia (6.14%), and Indonesia (5.64%). Economic complexity growth refers to how economies expand their production into more complex and advanced economic activities.

Any business considering how they will take advantage of new business opportunities in the short- and long-term need to recognize the sheer growth potential of business travel. More and more businesses are recognizing that expansion means investing in travel domestically and internationally.

It is easier than ever for businesses to see themselves as part of a global market due to accessible digital communications. Rich economic activity in regions primed for continued growth make global travel even more appealing.

Every business is traveling. Opportunity abounds. But these insights are not exclusively yours. Your competitors are eyeing the same prize. The clarity this data provides should make the importance of business travel very real. But, because you’re not the only one considering a private jet, you also need a differentiator in the sky.

The Business Travel Data Is Real. What Now?

It’s clear that business travel is only going to increase in coming years, both nationally and internationally. More and more businesses are capitalizing on business travel out of necessity, including your competitors. There will be more business opportunities overseas as international economies expand.

The question becomes what you will do next to ensure your business grows effectively in a way that outpaces your competitors’ strategies. Your answer might just be a private jet.

As you continue to consider an investment in a private aircraft, you still have choices that can differentiate your business from others who are also weighing the benefits of private air travel:

Where you purchase: Purchase from a used business jet dealer that holds accreditation from a global business aircraft sales association. A leading international dealers’ association provides an easy-to-use dashboard that curates a list of business jets for sale that fit your business needs, but you also ensure that the jets you are interested in are fully vetted, exclusive listings - never bait-and-switch tactics from unscrupulous vendors.

Why accreditation matters: Purchasing a jet with accreditation from a dealer’s association also provides buyers with confidence that their dealer is committed to transparent, ethical practices. You will also have access to relevant performance and maintenance data on the aircraft you’re interested in, so you can make an informed decision.

Once you’ve synthesized your knowledge of how business travel is changing to your advantage with the significant value of private jet travel, you can successfully create opportunities for yourself in the contemporary business world.

Follow more hard data that will help you take the next step toward business success.