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February 16, 2023

Learn All About Long-Range Business Jets

What to Look For in a Business Jet When You Need to Go the Distance

Businesses that require international travel aren’t just in the market for a quality aircraft when browsing preowned jets for sale. They also want to know which jets can take them to any given work location without having to stop to refuel.

Nonstop air travel is absolutely essential for many corporations, as it emphasizes one of the biggest reasons they’ve purchased a business jet in the first place: to maximize convenience and speed when travel is required to make business objectives happen.

Business travel affords team members the opportunity to prepare for big meetings in a collaborative environment that seating on a commercial plane doesn’t, as well as the opportunity to relax comfortably among team members, as opposed to crowded seating configurations and the litany of reasons why other forms of air travel are less than desirable today. Instead of being stuck on multiple flights and losing important working hours, a nonstop flight to a far-away business destination can even be considered the more efficient and productive fiscal choice.

To make the process of finding a long-range business jet easier, Aircraft - the exclusive listing website for the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) - researched business jets with the longest range to help you in your search for the right jet that meets your travel requirements.

A Selection Long-Range Business Jets You Should Consider for Nonstop Flights

While the statistics below can vary due to flying conditions, elevation, temperature, and other deciding factors, these numbers will give you the best sense of the jets that will meet your travel needs. Each of the statistics below includes a full-capacity mile total listed in nautical miles (nm).

Here are five business jets with significant range for long business flights:

1. Bombardier Global 7500

● At full capacity, this business jet can complete a nonstop trip up to 7,500 nm.

2. Gulfstream G650ER

● Full capacity: 7,095 nm nonstop

3. Gulfstream G650

● Full capacity: 6,520 nm nonstop

4. Gulfstream G550

● Full capacity: 6,360 nm nonstop

5. Dassault Falcon 8X

● Full capacity: 6,290 nm nonstop

As you can see, Bombardier, Gulfstream, and Dassault dominate the market for long-range business jets. However, if this list were to continue - while still remaining in the 5,000 to 6,000 nm range - other aircraft manufacturers and models appear, offering a wide range of options for distance.

Where Long-Range Business Jets Can Take You

While a list of business jets with the longest range is useful to reference as you’re searching a list of preowned jets for sale, it is equally important to understand where that will take you.

To illustrate how far these business jets can travel, we’ve chosen two major U.S. cities: Los Angeles and New York City and selected a few international locations to the west and east. As a point of reference, a coast-to-coast flight from Los Angeles to New York City is about 2,130 nm.

Los Angeles

   Nonstop to Tokyo (4,757 nm)

   Nonstop to Hong Kong (6,292 nm)

   Nonstop to Sydney (6,519 nm)

   Nonstop to London (4,727 nm)

New York City

   Nonstop to Mumbai (6,774 nm)

   Nonstop to Cape Town (6,784 nm)

   Nonstop to Dubai (5,941 nm)

   Nonstop to Paris (3,150 nm)

Therefore, with the right long-range business jet, you can reach several significant destinations without having to stop for fuel. In the case of a flight from the U.S. to the E.U., or coast to coast and back, these long-range jets can get you where you need to go with fuel to spare. If you’re a business searching for preowned jets for sale, there are several options that can make your business travel plans easier than ever.

Where to Find Long-Range Business Jets and All Other Preowned Used Jets for Sale

Two outstanding IADA dealers, Boeing Business Jets out of Seattle, WA and Airbus Corporate Jets of Blagnac, France offer long-range models that are available now. Because these dealers bear our IADA accreditation, you know you’re in good hands when you work with them to find a superior jet for long-range travel. View their full inventory on their websites, and get to know what makes IADA dealers the best in the industry.

Regardless of whether you need a business jet for a significantly long flight, or you’re just looking for the right high-quality business aircraft that will suit your team for shorter-range flights, there is only one resource can guide you to a dealer that offers carefully vetted listings of aircraft for sale and complies with a strict code of professional ethics:, the official listing site for IADA. gives you access to accredited dealers who feature a wide array of preowned jets for sale from the manufacturers we’ve listed above and more.

AircraftExchange is a comprehensive destination, allowing you to browse authorized dealers’ inventories, get connected with important services from financing to insurance, and learn the latest industry research to bolster your understanding of the private business aircraft industry.

When you access accredited private business jet dealers through IADA, you get assurance that you’re transacting with premier dealers in the private aircraft market, and soon you’ll be taking your team on an efficient, state-of-the-art, nonstop flight to important destinations that will foster your business’ global growth.