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April 10, 2021

Manufacturer Spotlight: Bombardier

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Bombardier has made a name for itself over the years, from humble beginnings inventing snowmobiles to navigate roadways in Canadian blizzards to building some of the most sought-after jets in the world.

The story of how the manufacturer made it to the aviation industry and set the standard for private jets is a fascinating one that involves a variety of forms of transport to aid in many missions, private, public, and for the military.

A History of Bombardier
Bombardier was born in the mid-1930s in Quebec, after Joseph-Armand Bombardier was unable to get his toddler son to the hospital in time before he died of appendicitis, thanks to a blizzard that made the roads impassable.

A mechanic by trade, Bombardier took to the repair shop and produced the first snowmobile, which he patented and sold in 1937. His B7 Snow Coach could carry up to seven passengers at a time, and were so useful, rural Quebec employed their use to take children to school, deliver, mail, and as ambulances. Snowmobiles proved to be valuable all over Canada, so In 1941, Bombardier opened his first factory.

Seven years later, the Quebecois government passed a law requiring all roads be cleared of snow, cutting Bombardier’s sales in half. Ever the entrepreneur, he diversified and began building tracked snow plows and all-terrain vehicles for the mining and forestry industries. In 1957, he introduced the first “Ski-Doo,” which replaced the dog sled for outdoorsmen. (It was supposed to be called the “Ski-Dog,” but a mistake on the first prototype became popular.)

Onward, Bombardier built, before he died in 1964, and his son-in-law, Laurent Beaudoin, took over the company. Rapid fire, Beaudoin contracted with another company to create the Sea-Doo personal watercraft; acquired engine manufacturer Rotax and Moto-Ski; and began producing Can-Am motorcycles. They’ve also built double-decker buses for Ireland, rail equipment for Montreal and New York City, and other railway systems, including launching a high-speed rail system for China.

And in 1986, Bombardier acquired Canadair, before acquiring Short Brothers (1989), Learjet (1990), and de Havilland Canada (1992) over the years. Thus, their divested business formed superpower Bombardier Aviation.

Bombardier Jets for Sale You Should Check Out
Although Bombardier Aviation got its start in commercial flying, the company now has the most comprehensive business aircraft portfolio, including light and ultra-long range jets.

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  • The iconic Learjet platform produces the most popular light category aircraft for business flight operations. Learjet aircraft lead the category in speed and range, with the best cockpit equipment on the market and lowest-in-class operating costs. Read more about select models on our blog.

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