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May 25, 2022

What You Need to Know About Private Jet Crew Training

Owning a Private Jet Is Much More Than Convenient Air Travel. Are You Prepared?

When you hire a crew to pilot your used private jet, you want to be assured that not only are you getting a highly skilled team member, but that you’re also ensuring that your pilot undergoes the required training to operate your aircraft.

And with the corporate pilot career path expected to grow over the next decade, the job market will be more competitive than it already is.

Create a fantastic work culture for your jet crew and ensure you’re in-the-know about annual crew training and licensure requirements.

There’s a Difference Between a Private Pilot and a Corporate Pilot
You may refer to your crew members as your “private pilots,” but in the world of aviation, that’s very different from what they are.

A private pilot is one that has achieved licensure to independently fly a small aircraft. While it does require certain training and licensure, it is not as high a level of a license or certification as a corporate pilot, and private pilots cannot receive compensation for flying. In fact, pilots who can fly your business jet must have a commercial license and specialized training for carrying passengers.

Annual Crew Training Expenses
If you’ve ever looked into the annual fixed expenses for owning a private jet, then you’ve likely seen a line item for annual crew training. In the world of corporate aviation, your crew is made up of your pilots.

Every year, your pilots must attend a recurrent training to maintain their skills and certifications. Most aircraft insurers require annual crew training before they will insure your multi-engine business jet. It is non-negotiable. The cost depends on the type of jet, the duration of training, and other factors.

What’s Included in Recurrent Training?
Your country’s regulatory body will define the structure of training, which also can depend on the type of aircraft you own.

Some companies also require additional training, such as route-specific training, particularly if your pilot will take off or land in extreme environments or in difficult airports. Recurrent training also can include reviews of past incidents.

This training includes both classroom sessions and time in flight simulators to sharpen their skills and refresh their knowledge of safety protocol and the latest equipment. Most programs are just a day or two, but some programs can take up to four days.

You can expect your corporate pilot to do the following in recurrent training:

  1. Ground and flight training in a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD), in an aircraft, or a combination of both. During the ground phase, pilots review aircraft systems, operational procedures, and incident review.

  2. CRM training, for refreshing soft skills. This includes communication, decision-making, and leadership skills.

  3. Operator proficiency check, which proves that the pilot meets certain standards of competence to continue operating an aircraft. (This generally must be repeated every six months, whereas most other training requirements are done every 12 months.)

  4. Emergency and safety equipment training. Every crew member must know where to find and how to use every piece of safety equipment aboard the jet.

  5. Line check, in which the pilot demonstrates an ability to carry out normal line operations, as listed in the jet’s manual. This includes pre- and post-flight procedures.

This training must be completed regardless of how long your pilot has been flying your used private jet, and regardless of how long they have been licensed commercial pilots.

Finding an Accredited Recurrent Training Program

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