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April 13, 2022

How Buying a Business Jet Could Make Your CFO Happy

Owning a Private Jet Can Be a Smart Investment

Step away from the jet card membership and board your company’s business jet.

Yes, it can happen! In fact, you might be surprised to know that owning a private jet can bring value to your organization’s shareholders.

And while you may never get a 100 percent return on your investment when you buy and operate your own jet, it can still be a smart financial investment. Consider these four reasons your chief financial officer will be happy you purchased one.

Take Charge of Your Schedule in a Used Private Jet
When you fly commercially, you’re at the mercy of airlines who set schedules and cancel flights. If you have somewhere to be, you may not get there when you want to.

Although you technically can’t fly a private jet at any time, you do gain greater flexibility in take-off and landing times, and you aren’t negatively affected by airline worker strikes or pilot shortages. You’re also at far less risk of acquiring a contagious illness, which can certainly upset your schedule.

Your CFO will appreciate this aspect of air travel because you can handle business more quickly and promptly, ultimately helping the company earn more and reach financial goals.

Gain Time and Efficiency When You Own a Private Jet
Just as you risk itinerary-destroying issues on commercial airlines, you also have to dedicate more time and energy to getting to the airport early, going through security, and then sitting at the gate.

If you’re flying internationally, it’s recommended that you check in no fewer than two hours before departure. What could you have done in those two hours had you not had to waste it at the airport?

Your CFO will be happy with your used private jet because of how much more efficiently you can accomplish the things that need to get done - ultimately saving money.

Become More Productive In Your Preowned Jet for Sale
Just as you can’t get much accomplished at the airport with all the interruptions and requirements, you also can’t get much done when you’re aboard a commercial aircraft. With little to no privacy in your first-class seat and the inability to take part in virtual meetings, it’s not likely you can complete anything important as you travel. And who has enough room on those tiny tray tables for their laptop, notes, and coffee?

Business jets are equipped with everything you need to turn the cabin into your remote office. With dinner tables, your own Wi-Fi connection, and no one from outside the company walking up and down the aisle, you can handle even confidential business transactions aboard a private jet.

Your CFO will love this, particularly from a payroll perspective, because you can dedicate your working hours to work, rather than giving them up altogether or making them up later. This is especially true if you fly with a number of team members from your organization.

Get U.S. Tax Benefits from Your Used Private Jet

Depending on your business model and potentially the used private jet your company purchases, you may be eligible for tax benefits from the government if you’re based in the United States.

At the time of writing, U.S. tax code allows for the deduction of the full cost of a used private jet if it’s used predominantly for business, in the year that it’s acquired. If the jet is both for personal and business use, the cost can be written off over a number of years. However, the deductions are subject to complicated rules and penalties; review the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 for more information, and work with your CFO and accountants to determine whether the deductions will apply to your company.

Your CFO will love the tax benefits that purchasing a preowned jet for sale delivers. Who doesn’t love balancing the budget while maximizing efficiency and profits?

How to Buy a Quality Used Private Jet for Sale

Although these reasons make purchasing a used private jet a smart investment, you have to make wise choices when you locate and make an offer on one. An ethical, transparent aircraft dealer or broker is your best resource as you make your purchase.

Find an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Dealer on, where you also can find fully vetted listings of used private jets for sale in all sizes and from all manufacturers, including Cessna, Embraer, Bombardier, and Gulfstream.

Contact an IADA Accredited Dealer today to get started.