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March 9, 2023

What You Need to Know After You Buy a Private Jet: All About U.S. Aircraft Registration

Read These FAQs on FAA Registration for Your Private Jet

Much like any vehicle you’ve ever purchased, registration is required by the regulatory body that oversees compliance benchmarks for vehicle certification, safety, operation, and maintenance. When you buy a private jet, one of the responsibilities of ownership is registration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Below, you’ll find our list of frequently asked questions and answers about registering your aircraft, so that you can quickly get registration checked off your list and put your jet in the air to support your business’s growth.

How Do I Know If I Need to Have My Private Jet Registered?

Your private jet needs to be registered with the FAA if it is owned by specific parties designated by this regulatory body. Registration with the FAA is required if the jet is owned by an individual U.S. citizen or by a partnership in which one member is a U.S. citizen. In addition, if the private jet is owned by a corporation that is organized under U.S. law (including State, District of Columbia, or U.S. territory or possession law), registration is also required in the U.S.

In other cases where a corporation has multinational roots, FAA Aircraft Registration information available online delineates that if the president and two-thirds of a business’s board and “other managing officers” are citizens of the U.S., and 75 percent of the voting interest is owned or controlled by citizens of the U.S., the private jet must be registered with the FAA.

Other entities that must have their business jets registered in the U.S. include:

● Citizens of another country who have been legally authorized for permanent U.S. residence (such as a “Green Card” holder).

● Any U.S. governmental units (such as the entities governed under the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of the U.S. government).

● A non-U.S. citizen corporation that does business under the laws of the U.S. and at least one state, and owns a private jet that flies primarily in the U.S. (for example, these flights start and end in the U.S. 60% of the time).

When you buy a private jet - or if you’re considering your options for owning a private jet - it is important to understand the key responsibilities that ownership requires.

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How Do I Register My Private Jet?

First, be sure that the legal owner of the aircraft is performing the registration. Then, follow these steps to ensure your private jet is registered appropriately:

1. Fill out the Registration Application.

2. Provide clear evidence that you own this aircraft (e.g., a bill of sale, which can be provided for you by an IADA Accredited Dealer).

3. Pay a simple $5 registration fee to the FAA.

Once you’ve completed these tasks, your decision to buy a private jet becomes even easier. While you’ll still have to schedule required inspections, purchase private aircraft insurance, and research other important services, owning a private jet - and all the maintenance and associated tasks - becomes a lot more like taking care of any other major business asset.

AircraftExchange Is Your Solution for IADA Accredited Private Jet Purchases and More

In addition to the information above, the FAA provides assistance on other relevant topics that may be important for your business, including guidelines on registering an aircraft that will operate internationally and registration information for aircraft owned by a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Be sure to bookmark the FAA website for all regulatory information required in the U.S.

Of note, the FAA also provides information to ensure your 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) is up to date. Not all jets have these devices, but if you choose to use one for the safety of your team and flight crew, this device also requires registration with the FAA.

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