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August 23, 2023

3 Statistics that Explain’s Impact

Learn Why We’re the Trusted Resource for Businesses Seeking Used Jets for Sale

When you visit, the online resource for buying private planes for sale that have been carefully vetted by International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) accredited dealers, you get a sense of how we provide value for prospective buyers at first glance.

Front and center, dealers can list nine different aircraft types - from turbo props to large jets - that interested buyers can search for in our database of used aircraft for sale. These aircraft are also searchable by other categories, including by manufacturers, like Gulfstream, Embraer, and Bombardier. You can also search for specific sought-after models, such as the Bombardier, Global 6000, and the Gulfstream G550. is a relied-upon destination for clients in the market for a new or used aircraft. However, we can’t consider ourselves an extraordinarily comprehensive resource without sharing evidence of how our services have provided success for buyers, as well as the many dealers that have chosen IADA Accreditation.

Read the story of’s impact in three statistics, including astounding numbers from our first year in business, as well as survey data from IADA members that suggests a favorable environment for buyers and sellers.

#1 - A Large Market Share for’s Inaugural Year

In 2019, our first year in business, was responsible for 60% of all global pre-owned jets for sale. delivered $5.4 billion in aircraft transactions that year, at an average of 1.7 sales per day and a grand total of 615 aircrafts.

The best practices and high standards developed by IADA and adopted by IADA Accredited Dealers clearly matter to those seeking private planes for sale. Buyers demand ethical and high-quality service when searching for a premier new or used aircraft for sale - and delivers.

#2 -’s Ethics and Best Practices Continue to Matter for All

In 2023, only 15% of the world’s dealers of jets for sale have earned IADA Accreditation. However, these dealers are responsible for selling nearly half of all pre-owned aircraft in the world. Our growing success tells us that dealers who adopt IADA’s 14-point code of ethics benefit from our approach as much as our buyers do.

We create favorable circumstances for all parties involved in selling private aircraft. Our sellers enjoy a stellar reputation and earn coveted referrals, while our buyers get the very best private aircraft available today. We know you’ll develop an excellent business relationship with our dealers when you meet with them during your search for the private plane that fits your needs.

#3 - Insights on’s Current Market Status

To ensure that the many new and used aircraft for sale are meeting business’ and individuals’ needs, IADA analyzes data from IADA member surveys, which ask about a number of industry topics. IADA’s goal is to understand its dealer members and the private aircraft market at large.

This helps IADA and to continually improve present conditions and ensure future growth. This data is published in the quarterly IADA Market Report, which is downloadable from

The Q2 report from 2023 shares that IADA Accredited Dealers and other members see the private aircraft market as better than average, ranking it as a 3.8 out of 5 points (5 representing the best possible market conditions). In fact, over the past year, survey numbers have consistently indicated a better-than-average market for the sale of private planes. In fact, Q3 of 2022 and Q2 of 2023 received the highest recent ratings from IADA’s membership, revealing an ideal and steady environment for sales.

Visit to Make Your Impact with Private Jet Ownership

The IADA accreditation process is comprehensive and highly effective at ensuring dealers are providing buyers with an outstanding inventory of private planes for sale. As long as clients have an unwavering desire for excellence, will continue to be the top source for private jets for sale. Our buyers understand the value of a thorough accreditation process when it comes to listing used aircraft for sale. IADA is fortunate that such a vast number of buyers choose to work with ethical dealers.

See for yourself what IADA’s dealers for new and used jets for sale have to offer by browsing’s inventory. wants to be a part of your journey and see you experience all the benefits that private jet ownership has to offer.