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September 28, 2020

Our Guide to the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER

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Frequent business travelers can fly in style in Gulfstream’s largest and fastest business jet: the G650, and the G650ER, with extended range.

The Gulfstream G650 first took to the skies in 2012, before production was ended in 2018 with the release of the Gulfstream G650ER, an updated model designed with an even longer range and an additional 4,000 pounds of fuel capacity, which is amazingly stored in the jet’s wings. And, with superior cabin soundproofing, lots of natural light, and a unique pressurization system, passengers have come to adore taking trips on the comfortable and fast G650 line of aircraft.

The reasons why are truly no-brainers: the Gulfstream 650 has earned more than 110 world speed records, the coveted Collier Trophy, and is one of the most trusted business jets across the globe.

Gulfstream G650 Specifications
The Gulfstream G650 models are equipped with two Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, each producing a thrust of 17,000 pounds of force. Thanks to these engines and massive fuel tanks, the G650 and G650ER can complete flights from Hong Kong to Teterboro, New Jersey; London to New York or Beijing; and Buenos Aires to Los Angeles. The longest ever recorded was from Singapore to Tucson, Arizona, in the G650ER.

Please refer to the table below for additional specifications for both of these large business jets.

Gulfstream G650 Range
Normal Range: 6520 nm
Maximum Range: 7130 nm
Service Ceiling: 51000 ft

Gulfstream G650ER Range
Normal Range: 7095 nm
Maximum Range: 7685 nm
Service Ceiling: 51000 ft

Gulfstream G650 Distances
Takeoff Distance: 5858 ft
Balanced Field Length: 6285 ft
Landing Distance: 4167 ft

Gulfstream G650ER Distances
Takeoff Distance: 6299 ft
Balanced Field Length: 6765 ft
Landing Distance: 3000 ft

Gulfstream G650 Performance
Maximum Speed: 516 kts
Economy Cruise: 488 kts

Gulfstream G650ER Performance
Maximum Speed: 616 kts
Economy Cruise: 488 kts

Gulfstream G650 Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 99600 Lb

Max Landing Weight: 83500 Lb

Operating Weight: 54000 Lb

Fuel Capacity: 44200 Lb
Payload with Full Fuel: 1800 Lb

Maximum Payload: 6500 Lb

Gulfstream G650ER Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 103600 Lb

Max Landing Weight: 83500 Lb

Operating Weight: 54000 Lb

Fuel Capacity: 48200 Lb
Payload with Full Fuel: 1800 Lb

Maximum Payload: 6500 Lb

Large Business Jet Cabin Features
Truly at the top of its class, these large Gulfstream jets carry two pilots and up to 19 passengers in its cabin, which is more than full-height at 6-feet, 5-inches tall, 8-feet, 6-inches wide, and 53-feet and 7-inches long.

Gulfstream offered numerous cabin layouts to those who purchased a brand-new jet, so when you search listings for a G650 for sale, be mindful that no two interiors may be identical. You’ll see anything from three to four living areas, and some jets have separate crew compartments, forward or aft lavatories, or forward or aft galleys. You may even find one with a full kitchen, or a jet equipped with satellite telephone and wireless Internet.

You can, however, expect some features to be available on every Gulfstream G650 and G650ER:

  • Galley with a water-sterilization system

  • Every new jet came with a full set of china, crystal, and flatware for gourmet in-flight dining

  • Natural lighting in lavatory

  • 195 cubic feet for luggage storage

  • “The quietest cabin in business aviation,” according to Gulfstream, thanks to a state-of-the-art sound-dampening system

  • The lowest cabin altitude in the industry, with 100 percent fresh air circulation

  • Passenger seats positioned next to a large, oval window

  • Single seats and available divan convert to beds.

  • Each seat includes a foot rest and can lie flat

  • Big-screen televisions

  • TV screens, lighting, and window shades controlled with an iPhone app

The seat upholstery, wall finishes, and table tops are both durable and luxurious -- and yes, that is an accurate descriptor of a business jet of this caliber. Your company’s executive leaders could be more productive on longer flights than ever before, thanks to the G650’s larger work surfaces and cabin dividers that are conducive to conducting multiple, simultaneous meetings. A spacious lavatory is more than adequate for wardrobe changes, and the galley is capable of serving up real meals, so your c-suite is ready to take care of business upon landing in their destination city.

The Cockpit of the Gulfstream G650 and Gulfstream G650ER
Both jets are equipped with the Gulfstream Plane View II Flight Deck and can receive upgrades to make flying more pleasurable and safer. These upgrades include an Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), which can assist pilots with landing in low visibility by projecting infrared images onto the Head-Up display in the cockpit. The Synthetic Vision Flight Display uses terrain data to create a view of the plane’s surroundings, also beneficial in low visibility. Finally, a camera installed under the nose of the business jet helps pilots see everything below the plane.

A less high-tech bonus in the cockpit are generously-sized windows, which give the pilots a view of the plane’s wing tips, hopeful for navigating this large jet for sale on the ground.

Additional Benefits of Flying in These Gulfstream Jets for Sale
If describing aircraft features wasn’t enough to convince you that this private jet for sale is the right choice for your company’s fleet, then perhaps these facts will serve as an added bonus and sway your opinion.

  • Travelers can get to their destination more quickly than ever before; the Gulfstream G650 flies at Mach .925, nearly the speed of sound.

  • If you purchase a Gulfstream G650, but wish it were the G650ER, Gulfstream can upgrade it for you in as little as two weeks, for a minimal cost of about $2 million.

  • This aircraft earned the 2014 Collier Trophy, a high honor in aviation, for having “strengthened business aviation through significant technological advancements in aircraft performance, cabin comfort, and safety.”

Gulfstream Jet Ownership and Operational Cost
Owning perhaps the best business jet of all time doesn’t come without cost, but we think you’ll find it to be a fair trade for the quality of the jet and the comfortable experiences your company’s leaders will have aboard it.

A brand new G650 started at $64.5 million to $70 million in 2013, and rose to $73 million in 2014. You can, however, find these pre-owned large business jets for sale to the tune of $33 million, although some may cost more or less. Cost is dependent upon numerous factors, including total cycles and flight hours, layout, how well the jet was maintained, and more.

Annual operating costs for this jet, when flown for 200 hours, are a total of $1.5 million. Plan to budget around $850,000 for direct operating costs. When flown for 400 hours, expect to pay about $2.4 million total, with direct operating costs of $1.7 million. Fixed costs for either amount of flight hours is about $726,000.

Compared to its top competitor, the Bombardier Global 7500, the Gulfstream G650 is neck-and-neck for annual costs, so if you’re choosing between the two, you don’t necessarily need to consider these expenses as a pro or con of either private business jet.

Locating a Gulfstream 650 or 650ER Jet For Sale
Find a quality Gulfstream business jet that will best suit your company’s needs and budget, by contacting an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Aircraft Dealer. Accredited dealers and brokers represent you and your best interests, so you can be confident your transaction will be both efficient and ethical. With extensive private aviation industry experience, these reputable dealers can offer you their connections to aviation service providers to help you maintain, care for, and protect your investment.

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