Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

April 5, 2023

Can I Profit from Owning a Private Jet?

Say Goodbye to the Jet Card and Turn Jet Ownership Into a Valuable Asset

When your business considers purchasing a big-ticket item, the first question you typically ask is, “How is this going to benefit us now, as well as down the road?” After all, you wouldn’t be in business very long if you didn’t ask questions like this.

When you’re in the market to buy a used corporate jet for sale, this question is particularly important. The last thing you want is an excellent tool for business travel that doesn’t yield the kind of tangible - and intangible - returns you expect.

Owning a jet is a big decision. Therefore, it’s important to weigh the expenses of owning a jet with all of the positives. This article will explore the expenses related to owning a business jet, and whether you can expect to profit from jet ownership.

How to Profit from Owning a Private Jet

The way to profit from the purchase of a business jet is chiefly related to the strategic use of this new asset. First, you want to secure a used corporate jet for sale that promises high performance and efficiency for the long run. To do this, you need to consider your seller.

Visit an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Dealer

When you visit, the exclusive listing site for International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) Accredited Dealers, the sellers you find there all abide by a strict code of ethics about how their jets are inspected, maintained, and sold. The IADA Accredited Dealer you select from will pair you with a jet that is an attractive investment, not a money pit. Soon, the idea of a jet card - and other options that benefit the seller and not the card holder - will be off the table.

Chartering Is the Best Way to Profit from Owning a Private Jet

To ensure that jet ownership is profitable, plan to make your jet available for charter when you’re not using it for your own business’ travel needs. Chartering makes your choice of dealer even more important, as you’ll want to buy a jet that appeals to you and to those who will charter from you.

Connecting with an IADA Accredited Dealer through helps businesses to acquire one of the most appealing business jets on the market. When you can say with confidence that your jet was purchased through an IADA Accredited Dealer, you can use this fact as a significant selling point for businesses looking to charter.

Not only will your potential charters be impressed by your jet’s credentials, but it’s likely that the business jet you choose will catch their eye for the available amenities, quality, and high performance that they need to reach their business goals. Businesses looking to charter will ignore the clever marketing for jet cards and stick with your jet for their chartering needs - and you’ll be able to profit. The used corporate jets for sale on could soon become a highly sought-after charter - owned by you.

Also Consider the Business Value of Owning a Private Jet

Many businesses wish they could travel nationally and internationally more often to ensure they are maximizing their connections with business partners and developing new and profitable opportunities.

However, air travel on the airlines is not always the most effective or cost-effective method for travel. If your team requires significant planning time before important meetings or wishes to travel often to increase business relationships, consider the benefits of a private jet.

When you own a business jet, your team can travel together, work and strategize together, and get to your destination whenever you need to be there. While this is a less tangible form of profitability, it is important to consider what opportunities buying a used corporate jet for sale can bring your business - especially when weighed against expensive alternatives such as a jet card. Jet cards may get you where you want to go, but their expensive prices are meant to benefit the jet’s owner, not the traveler.

The Verdict on Owning a Private Jet

Making your jet available for charter and using your jet to make business negotiations more accessible will help you profit from jet ownership.

While it is true that jets depreciate and also require maintenance, fuel, and management, the upside of bringing in revenue from chartering will help you manage those costs. What’s more, finally having the freedom to do business where and when you want helps you benefit from intangibles that traveling more efficiently provides. When a business considers the alternatives, like jet cards and commercial airline travel, buying a used corporate jet for sale seems like the only sound choice.

However, remember to keep the dealer you’re buying from in mind. If you stick with’s exclusive list of IADA Accredited Dealers, you’ll be able to acquire a jet that will keep your business in the air and help you rake in the chartering fees. If you work with a dealer without IADA Accreditation, you run the risk of a very different buying experience.

Visit to select from a list of premier jet dealers today, and continue growing your business with a private jet as a new source of value for your company.