Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

September 14, 2022

What Do the Different Private Jet Plane Classifications Mean?

Understanding Them Helps You Decide Between Preowned Jets for Sale

Owning a private jet is a big commitment with massive rewards: the ability to fly where you need to go, when you need to, without being at the mercy of commercial airlines or charter flight or jet card operators.

With so much freedom comes great responsibility: choosing the right used private jet for your needs; funding its operation and care; and abiding by regulatory requirements from various bodies.

One such big decision you’ll need to make is aircraft size. But these categories that describe jets can be confusing for the layman. Business jets are classified into four categories: light jets, midsize jets, super midsize jets, and large jets. The main consideration for these categories is cabin space.

Here, we break it down to make it easy to understand, so you can start shopping for a pre-owned jet for sale as soon as possible.

Light Business Jets
Light jets are popular for business travelers and companies building their own fleet thanks to their affordable operating costs. Many of these private jet planes run on twin engines, although some have just one. With maximum speeds of up to 500 miles per hour and a range of up to 2,000 miles, light jets carry up to seven passengers on short journeys.

Business jets of this size category don’t require long runways, which is ideal if you’re traveling from small airfield to small airfield. In the cabin, you won’t find as many creature comforts as larger-sized aircraft, but there are plenty of amenities for shorter routes.

Consider these models:

Mid-Size Private Jet Planes
The mid-size category can be further broken down into mid-size and super mid-size jets. Mid-size jets carry about eight passengers and usually feature a divan, club seating, a small galley kitchen, enclosed lavatory, and plenty of luggage storage accessible from inside the cabin. They can cover up to 3,200 nautical miles before needing to refuel.

In the super mid-size category, you’ll find jets with twin engines. These business jets can carry about nine passengers, achieving top speeds of around 600 miles per hour and a range of 4,000 miles. They can handily make transcontinental flights, and offer more amenities than their smaller brethren, sometimes including a sleeping berth.

Consider these models:

Large Jets
For transcontinental flights, separate staterooms, completely private lavatories, and galleys outfitted with everything you need to serve a meal, large private jet planes are an attractive way to travel for business or pleasure, particularly over long distances. Like mid-size jets, they’re capable of flying routes about 4,000 miles long before needing to refuel, traveling at around 600 miles per hour. Large jets are capable of seating 10 to 18 passengers, depending on the model and cabin configuration.

Consider these models:

Further Considerations for Buying Pre-Owned Jets for Sale
Aside from jet size, you’ll need to consider a wide range of factors before choosing the used private jet you want. These can include:

  • Fuel economy

  • Cost of insurance policies and crew training

  • Hangar fees

  • Common routes you plan to fly

  • Amenities you require in the plane’s cabin

  • Number of pilots to hire

  • Whether you’ll purchase maintenance tracking

  • And more

Buying a used private jet is a long process, sometimes taking a full year, so it’s best to be prepared as you begin.

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