Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

May 8, 2023

Find an Accredited Dealer of Aircraft for Sale Now to Prepare for a Busy Q3

When You’re Looking to Make Big Moves, Selecting a Private Jet Should Top Your List

When you run a business, your schedule is always busy - it just comes with the territory. When you add work travel into the mix, your schedule fills up even more. Preparing for a trip, the grueling travel itself, and the recovery time add additional hours (and energy) to your calendar that you simply can’t get back.

If you’re eyeing Q3, you may be thinking of ways to do things differently, especially in terms of ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve and endures the challenges of our current economic moment. You may be thinking about how to close out the calendar year with a strong finish and what approaches you might take to make this a reality.

One solution? Consider purchasing a jet for sale near you from an International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) Accredited Dealer. The benefits of buying a private jet from an IADA Accredited Dealer most certainly include opportunities to grow your business - and that’s what you want as you begin to look at the next step forward for your business.

How to Select a Private Jet Among the Many Available Aircraft for Sale

Once you’ve already confirmed that the value of owning a private business jet is worth the cost for all stakeholders, you’ll want to set up a meeting with an IADA Accredited Dealer. It’s important to enter this process with some must-haves in mind, so your Accredited Dealer can find the perfect aircraft for your business needs. Consider these questions as you begin a discussion about selecting a private jet:

● What is the maximum number of passengers I intend to take on business travel flights?

● What is the farthest destination that our company is likely to travel to, based on what we know about our current and prospective partners and clients?

● Outside of our budget for purchasing a business jet, what additional budget is available for customizations and upgrades to enhance the flying experience?

Answers to these questions will help narrow down the options available to you when you begin to search for private jets for sale near you. In addition, also consider preparing a list of questions for your IADA Accredited Dealer. At the bare minimum, be sure to include these questions:

● What does the entire process look like for entering a contract and ultimately purchasing a jet for business use?

● Could you help me understand the additional fees related to the care, maintenance, insurance, hangar fees, crew training, and any others I may be missing?

● On the list of jets we’ve been reviewing, which options do you think makes the most sense for my business needs?

● What makes an IADA Accredited Dealer the right fit for my business?

This last question is an important one and will make you feel even more assured that selecting a private jet is a sound choice for your team. IADA Accredited Dealers are accredited for a reason. These dealers have chosen to abide by IADA’s 14-point code of ethics to ensure that they adhere to honesty, integrity, and transparency in all their dealings.

In addition, IADA Accredited Dealers stay educated on all the latest standards, requirements, and training in their industry. You can feel confident asking your pressing questions to ensure your private jet adds maximum value for your business.

Search to find an IADA Accredited Dealer now and begin the purchasing process. Soon, you’ll be experiencing all the benefits of buying a private jet.

IADA Accredited Dealers Have Premium Pre-Owned Aircrafts for Sale Now

The process of selecting a private jet among the many jets for sale near you is easier than ever, thanks to IADA’s efforts to establish rigorous best practices for this industry. Without these ethics and standards, businesses wouldn’t know which organization or dealers to rely on. You don’t want to lose out on the value of jet ownership, as the benefits of buying a private jet are a key differentiator for businesses that require effective, efficient air travel.

If ethics aren’t in place to protect businesses from murky practices, that value decreases significantly. But, today, that doesn’t have to be your business’s concern. You can rest assured that your experience with an IADA Accredited Dealer will be the first step in a new chapter for your business.

Visit now to learn more about IADA and find a dealer that will help grow your business through private jet ownership.