Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

August 10, 2022

Why 2022 Is the Right Time to Invest in the Private Aviation Industry

Owning a Private Jet Can Be a Financial Boon and a Serious Convenience

As the private aviation industry picks up post-pandemic and travelers seek convenient and secure options for flying, this year is poised to be an important one.

If you’re considering owning a private jet, these three reasons just may convince you to proceed with enthusiasm.

Traveling on Business Jets Is In Demand
With so many advantages of traveling via private jets, business leaders and the independently wealthy are finding that commercial airlines are more headache than they’re worth. And with so many ways to get a private flight (jet cards, chartering, fractional ownership, and owning a private jet, just to name a few), there’s a method that fits most premium travel budgets and needs.

Earlier in the pandemic, business jet demand was unprecedentedly high. But this year, flattened prices are giving buyers more choices when it comes to pre-owned jets for sale. These slightly lower prices are not indicative of private aviation demand decreasing anytime soon. In fact, flight utilization continues to increase in North America and Europe.

Those who travel on private jets also plan to go more places than they did in 2021 - proof that COVID travel restrictions on commercial airlines had a negative effect on the industry. In fact, 51 percent of those surveyed said they’ll fly more this year, while 41 percent will fly the same amount. Frequent flyers are also considering getting into the private aviation game, with 28 percent considering fractional or full ownership.

Private Aviation Offers Conveniences That Commercial Airlines Don’t
With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming large over travelers, many are turning to private aviation for safety and security reasons. When flying privately, whether in your own private jet or one that you own fractionally, you don’t risk contacting contagions in the air or on surfaces aboard the aircraft.

You also don’t need to wait at busy airport gates or overcrowded lounges for your flight, pay extra for your luggage, or be held to a schedule you have no control over.

As the private aviation sector continues to grow and change with new demand, we expect to see business travelers utilizing new options, even if they aren’t shopping for used private jets just yet.

Avoid the Effects of Inflated Gas Prices on Your Own Business Jet
When oil companies raise prices on their products, businesses that sell to the general public must also increase theirs. Commercial airlines compensate for this increase by raising their ticket prices. And although high fuel costs are not unique to this year and historically have been issues, frequent travelers are finding a way around these added costs.

By flying in your own private jet, you could mitigate the inflated cost that commercial airlines are passing on to their passengers. Because your business jet operations team can purchase fuel from the source, you can control how much you’re spending. Although refueling fees at airports may still be higher, you aren’t paying extra per person like you would with a commercial airline.

Get Advice from Industry Professionals Before Shopping for Pre-Owned Jets for Sale

If your financial analysis indicates that your business would benefit from owning a private jet, it’s time that you connect with an industry professional to guide your search and transaction.

These industry professionals should never push you to settle for an aircraft that doesn’t meet your needs. The wrong jet will not serve you and your organization’s leaders well, and you’ll end up chartering flights or flying commercially again to supplement your travel requirements, or overpaying for a private jet that’s too big and expensive.

They also should never show you private jets that are past their useful life or approaching the end of it. A business jet that has a high number of engine cycles or that needs full refurbishing is not one that you want for your first used private jet purchase.

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