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October 18, 2020

Our Guide to the Cessna Citation M2

An Entry-Level Light Business Jet for Sale, Perfect for Your Company’s Executive Leaders

The Cessna Citation M2, an entry-level jet with all the speed, control, range, and comfort your company needs for shuttling executives from business meeting to business meeting, was launched in September 2011. It climbs faster than its closest competitor, the Embraer Phenom 100E, making it one of Cessna’s top entry-level jets on the market today.

Although Cessna, part of Textron Aviation, still manufactures the M2 today, you can find used light jets for sale, in great condition, to support your company’s business travel needs, at a cost savings.

Cessna Citation M2 Light Jet Specifications
An aluminum airframe, forward fuselage with a carry-through section, straight wing, and T-tail define the M2. For its size as a light jet, it performs more-than-satisfactorily. It is powered by two Williams FJ44 engines.

Refer to the table below for more specifications.

Cessna Citation M2 Range
Maximum Range: 1300-1550 nm
Service Ceiling: 41,000 ft

Cessna Citation M2 Distances
Takeoff Field Length: 3,210 ft
Landing Distance: 2,590 ft

Cessna Citation M2 Performance

Max. Climb Rate: 3,698 fpm

Maximum Speed: 404 kts

Max. Operating Altitude: 41,000 ft
Max. Limit Speed: 0.71 Mach
Economy Cruise: 336 kts

Cessna Citation M2 Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 10,700 lb

Max Landing Weight: 9,900 lb

Operating Weight: 6,990 lb

Fuel Capacity: 492 gal
Payload with Full Fuel: 514 lb

Maximum Payload: 1,510 lb

Plane Cabin Features
As you’d expect with a light jet, the cabin interior is small, but comfortably-appointed. The cabin is 4.75 feet high, 4.8 feet wide, and 11 feet long. Although you cannot stand at full height inside the cabin, the jet is designed for shorter flights, so there is less need to move about while in the air. However, it is adequate height for most people to maneuver to the aft lavatory or the forward galley cabinet for a refreshment.

Eight large windows keep the interior bright and airy. A total of seven passengers can ride aboard, with club seating for four of them. Pull-out tables provide work space, although they are small simply because of the size of the jet. Passengers enjoy adjustable LED lighting, a wireless cabin management system, and an optional in-flight entertainment system.

An external baggage area of 45.6 cubic feet is more than ample for luggage and gear. Although this is a large space, the downside is that it is not accessible from the cabin. Your company’s business travelers will need to bring aboard their laptop bags and any other flight necessities they need within reach.

Inside the Cockpit of the Citation M2
Flying the M2 requires only one pilot, who we think will enjoy the simplicity of flying this light business jet. That isn’t to say it isn’t full of in-demand technology; the M2 certainly is! It’s just that this technology makes flying this plane a pleasure.

The newest M2 models are equipped with a digital, dual-channel autopilot system with safety features. Integrating data from the avionics system, the autopilot system leads to pilot confidence and smoothness of flight. The Garmin G3000 flight deck and touch-control avionics are suitable for a single pilot, but the cockpit can seat two.

Standard equipment includes ADS-B IN, HSI map overlays, visual approach support, and IFR/VFR charts in map. Optional avionics include Flight Stream 510, FANS-1/A (VHF), FAA Data Comm, and XM Weather Animation. The jet is also equipped with weather-avoidance radar, Jeppeson ChartView, Garmin Safe Taxi, Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology, a satellite phone system, domestic and international internet, and more.

Benefits of Flying in the Cessna Citation M2 Plane for Sale
Especially in today’s world, it’s important that your business travelers know they are safe aboard their company jet. The Cessna Citation M2 provides that peace of mind.

Modern M2 light jets are equipped with a special Fresh Air System, that will help your business’s leaders feel safe and secure aboard. The system operates by bringing fresh air from the outside, into the aircraft through its two engines.

The engines then compress and heat the air, which kills any pathogens and germs that may be present. Before the air enters the cabin, the system adjusts the temperature. The air exits the cabin at the aft. The process is continual to ensure that air on this light jet is always clean and fresh.

The Citation Jet Pilots Owner Pilot Association says that with the M2, Cessna “almost perfectly nailed the price-performance equation.” This means the M2 is not only a great jet, but a good value for business travel. Due to its size - the light jet category - the M2 can land in smaller airfields, which gives passengers more options for destinations around the country, with no need to fight through crowded, larger airports.

Cessna Citation M2 Ownership and Operational Costs
The M2 is inexpensive to fly, compared to other jets you may be considering. If you plan to fly up to 450 hours per year, plan a total annual budget of about $766,501, a total hourly cost of $1,703.34. Fixed costs are about $208,000; your variable costs will depend on the fees you’ll pay to maintain and store your light jet.

A used Cessna Citation M2 costs between $3 million to 3.5 million to purchase. You can, of course, buy a new jet direct from Cessna and Textron Aviation, but it will take quite some time for your new plane to be delivered, and it can cost you around $5 million.

Finding Cessna Citation M2 Airplanes for Sale Near You
To locate the Cessna jet for sale that will best suit your business needs and budget, contact an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Aircraft Dealer. Accredited dealers and brokers promise efficient and ethical business transactions as they represent you and your interests. These reputable dealers offer their extensive private aviation industry experience and connections to aviation service providers that only relationships spanning decades can provide. You won’t regret placing an immense amount of trust in them.

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