Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

May 25, 2023

Differences in Air Quality on a Business Jet vs. a Commercial Flight

Buying a Business Jet Includes Intangible Benefits that Help Your Company Thrive

The ability to travel where you need to be, when you need to be there is the primary value of buying a business jet. When your business takes you beyond your headquarters and into the lives of your established and prospective partners and clients, you’ve opened yourself up to many opportunities that most people simply won’t experience.

If this weren’t enough, the often unspoken, intangible benefits of seeking out a corporate jet for sale make the value of jet ownership even more appealing. In particular, the ability to invite a client or partner to travel along with you is a meaningful and even highly professional gesture that is sure to impress.

Further, the ability to collaborate with your team without the distractions of other travelers and jockeying for seats turns your travel experience into business hours as opposed to downtime that you can’t get back.

Another perhaps underappreciated - but vital - benefit of business jet ownership involves cabin air quality. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses halted commercial air travel because of the unknown about how the virus spread on planes. The truly strategic move here, however, didn’t come from the businesses who stopped air travel and managed to keep their businesses intact throughout the pandemic. The advantage went to businesses with private jets, who had a very different experience.

Comparing Air Quality on Business Jets Versus a Commercial Flight

The easiest way to explain the comparison between air quality on commercial airlines versus private jets doesn’t have anything to do with virus particle count. From a practical standpoint, these key points reflect the air-quality-related safety benefits of buying a business jet for air travel:

● You’ll be traveling with significantly fewer people - this means fewer opportunities for exposure to colds and other illnesses on your flight.

● You get to skip long security lines, airport bathrooms, long waits in terminals, and more. Private jet ownership gives you the luxury of minimal hassles and seamless boarding, far away from crowds.

● You can create your own mitigation standards when needed. If you need your business employees to mask or not mask, you get to make the call.

All in all, you have far more control over a business jet’s air quality and can ensure its safety for your employees.

Air Filtration Systems on Private Jets

For a more scientific comparison in air quality between commercial flights and private business jet flights, the customizations you can make on a private jet also extend to measurably better air quality.

For instance, Gulfstream, one of the leading manufacturers of business jets, offers air filtration technology that provides more protection than your typical commercial plane. Consider asking about this air quality technology when you connect with an International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) Accredited Dealer through Purchasing a corporate jet for sale is much more than just getting your team from place to place.

Business Jets Provide Safety and Comfort that Commercial Airlines Simply Can’t

Essentially, buying a business jet puts you in control of your business in meaningful ways. When your air quality is protected, you not only get to ensure your team’s health, but you improve their ability to travel and work effectively.

We all have experienced a trip where we caught a bug or cold from being on a plane - and it’s not hard to remember how long it took to get back to normal. When you decide to purchase a corporate jet for sale, you get to avoid these frustrations and loss of time.

In addition, more and more studies are being done on air quality and cognition. Scientists at Harvard tout the benefits of indoor air quality in business settings. While these studies will continue to grow in scope and reliability, knowing that your business is on the cutting edge of your team’s wellness - even when you’re in the air - is yet another reason to consider private air travel.

How to Get In Touch with an IADA Accredited Dealer for Your First Business Jet

Interested in taking the next step toward owning a private jet? Browse for a list of IADA Accredited Dealers that offer private jets for sale. You can rely on these dealers for outstanding service and exceptional private jets because of their IADA Accredited Dealer designation.

IADA Accredited Dealers abide by a strict code of ethics regarding their business practices and the integrity, quality, and value of their aircraft. Working with an IADA Accredited Dealer on - and reaping all the benefits of a business jet - makes the entire proposition of ownership that much better.