Flying a Private Jet

September 23, 2021

4 Things You Can Do Aboard a Business Jet

Skip the Jet Card! Owning a Private Jet Makes Traveling a Breeze

It only takes one trip aboard a private jet to realize what you’ve been missing: freedom!

If you’ve been flying on a commercial airline, using a jet card, or sharing chartered flights for years, then you might not be aware of what awaits you when you sink into comfortable leather club chairs and enjoy the seclusion that your employer’s own business jet offers you.

What can you expect aboard a private jet? Here are our four favorite things about business jet travel.

Conduct a Confidential Business Meeting from the Private Jet’s Cabin

It’s impossible to attend a virtual meeting aboard a commercial aircraft or at the airport gate. It can be just as difficult in an executive lounge.

The problem is you don’t want to risk anyone overhearing your important discussions or inadvertently accessing top-secret data. With commercial flights, you have zero expectation of privacy.

As a result, executive travelers like you lose time - and money - every time you fly commercially. For the hours you’re sitting in the airport or aboard the plane, you aren’t as productive as you could be.

Most business jet cabins include club chairs oriented around tables, creating work and collaboration spaces for business leaders. Flying on your own private jet provides an ideal environment for continuing your work day as usual, even as you travel to your next big meeting.

Squeeze in a Power Nap (or a Good Night’s Sleep!) Aboard Your Business Jet
Even in first class on a commercial flight, there’s so much movement and noise around you - and pesky seat neighbors who want to converse with you - that it’s impossible to take a refreshing nap.

A quieter cabin on a private jet, your own dedicated seating, and fewer people meandering to the lavatory mean you can catch some Zs with limited interruption. And if your company owns a large private jet, you may even have a private stateroom with a bed, ideal for overnight business trips.

Enjoy the Refreshments You Love, from Your Private Jet’s Galley

Rarely is someone overjoyed to receive a packet of pretzels and stale-tasting coffee from the flight attendant on a commercial flight. And airplane meals for international travel? They’re far from gourmet: rubbery chicken, bland sauce, very few specialized dietary options? Yuck.

When you own a private jet, your snacks and meals are fully customized to your preferences because you’re the most important passenger! Large private jets with full kitchens mean you - or your chef - can prepare delicious meals for you. And smaller galleys are well-equipped with espresso machines, refrigerators, and microwaves for on-the-go lunches and snacks, plus a caffeine pick-me-up.

You don’t have to sacrifice your diet or cuisine quality when you own a private jet.

Experience the Privacy You Crave While Traveling

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a window seat on a commercial flight, you can almost guarantee you’ll have to get up to let someone out of the row to use the lavatory. And if you need to use the lavatory, everyone you walk by knows that’s your destination.

If you just want to relax and get some peace during your travels, you simply can’t when you’re aboard a commercial aircraft, or even if you’re sharing a charter flight with executives from other corporations.

You can act like yourself when you fly on a private jet. Enjoy a private journey to the lavatory - and lock the door without having someone knock six times while you’re inside. Loosen your tie, kick off your shoes, yawn, stretch, and do your thing!

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