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September 5, 2020

Our Guide to the Cessna Citation Sovereign

You Can Own One of the Most In-Demand Business Jets for Sale

Since its introduction to the world in 2004, the Cessna Citation Sovereign has been considered one of the best midsize jets on the market; indeed, it is one of the most popular models that aircraft manufacturer Cessna has ever introduced.

With nearly coast-to-coast range, comfortable cabin seating, and more-than-adequate storage space, your business leaders will look forward to their flights on this exceptional private jet. This jet is unusual because, for all its creature comforts, the Citation Sovereign is remarkably economical to purchase and fly. Credit its simple avionics technology; efficient, but thoughtful design choices; and excellent reliability.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Specifications
Considered a transcontinental aircraft, the Citation Sovereign is capable of flying between Los Angeles and Hawaii, with its two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C turbofan engines, which were flat-rated to minimize cabin noise, and two jet fuel pump systems.

Refer to the table below for more specifications.

Citation Sovereign Range
Normal Range: 2620 nm
Maximum Range: 3010 nm
Service Ceiling: 47000 ft

Citation Sovereign Distances
Balanced Field Length: 3810 ft
Landing Distance: 3867 ft

Citation Sovereign Performance
Rate of Climb: 4016 fpm

Climb Rate One Engine Inoperable: 1237 fpm

Maximum Speed: 459 kts

Normal Cruise: 459 kts
Economy Cruise: 388 kts

Citation Sovereign Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 30300 Lb

Max Landing Weight: 27100 Lb

Operating Weight: 18150 Lb

Fuel Capacity: 11223 Lb
Payload with Full Fuel: 1177 Lb

Maximum Payload: 2650 Lb

Cabin Features of this MId-Size Jet for Sale
At 5.5 feet wide, 25.3 feet long, and 5.7 feet high, the cabin of the Cessna Citation Sovereign seems quite small, but eight to 12 passengers find it more than adequate, thanks to its list of amenities.

In its standard layout, you’ll find eight individual seats, which swivel 180 degrees, arranged in two facing club configurations. Some used jets for sale may feature two- or three-piece couches in place of the standard seating, and an additional single, side-facing seat near the cabin entry door - ideal for a crew member.

Find the galley forward of the entry door; it has space for two hot beverage tanks, an ice drawer, garbage receptacle, and refreshment storage. On aircraft without the side-facing seat, you’ll find an extended galley. The lavatory is located in the aft of the cabin. It is nicely appointed with an externally-serviced toilet, sink, and vanity, with plenty of room for changing clothes in complete privacy, thanks to its sliding, solid door - which is not as common as you’d think on a private jet.

In terms of storage, the Citation Sovereign will hide away anything you need to stow. An 8-cubic-foot coat closet near the galley and a 27-cubic-foot closet inside the lavatory makes it a breeze to access luggage, coats, laptop cases, and handbags. You’ll find an additional 100-cubic-foot heated baggage hold, but it is accessible only from the exterior of the jet. No matter, because the interior storage space is adequate for executive luggage for short trips, and can even hold multiple sets of golf clubs for recreational opportunities and peer-to-peer networking.

Many of the jets you’ll find listed for sale are equipped with an Airshow in-flight entertainment system, for after-hours fun, and LED cabin lights, for improved vision while working.

The Cockpit of the Cessna Citation Sovereign
The Cessna Citation Sovereign is much-loved by its passengers, but also just as adored by pilots. Cessna designed this mid-size jet intending to make flying as simple as possible. The result was a jet with uncomplicated systems known for its safe, smooth flights.

The Citation Sovereign is equipped with glass-panel Honeywell Primus Epic avionics and digital engine controls. The jet is also equipped with automatic functions at start-up and sophisticated stall control technology. Both the main landing gear wheels and carbon-carbon brake system have been known to last for more than 300 landings. The Citation Sovereign is known for being the first private business jet with variable gearing mechanism.

It’s RE100 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) eliminates dependence on ground power, saves on fuel costs, and keeps cabin temperatures comfortable.

Additional Benefits of Flying in the Cessna Citation Sovereign
For a mid-size jet, the Citation Sovereign is supreme as compared to others in its class. For example, the Learjet 60 cruises faster and uses less fuel, but your company’s executive leaders would have to sacrifice cabin space. With the comparable Gulfstream G150, you miss out on cabin space as well, in exchange for range and speed. And the Hawker 900XP has a shorter range, but a wider, shorter cabin.

The Citation Sovereign’s benefits outweigh the slightly-improved fuel economy available with competitors, for most frequent business flyers.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Ownership and Operational Costs
This mid-size private jet for sale is one of the most affordable. For business executives flying 200 hours per year, expect an annual operating cost of $988,670. For 400 hours per year, plan for $1.5 million. Included in these estimates is an annual fixed cost of $460,189. Built into these costs are maintenance, crew and crew training, hangar rental, insurance, and more.

To purchase this aircraft brand-new, you’d spend around $19 million. Depending on the model year, you’ll get significant savings when you purchase a used aircraft. Find used Cessna Citation Sovereign for sale for between $3 million and $9 million on AircraftExchange.com.

Find a Citation Sovereign Jet For Sale
To locate the Cessna jet that will best suit your business needs and budget, contact an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Aircraft Dealer. Accredited dealers and brokers promise efficient and ethical business transactions as they represent you and your interests. These reputable dealers offer their extensive private aviation industry experience and connections to aviation service providers that only relationships spanning decades can provide. You won’t regret placing an immense amount of trust in them.

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