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August 20, 2020

Our Guide to the Bombardier Global 5000

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The Robb Report calls it “The best of the best,” and many aviation industry experts agree. Bombardier announced the Global 5000 in 2001, with the first one put into service in 2005. The super-large jet got an upgraded engine in 2008 when Bombardier lifted its MTOW to 92,500 lb to increase Mach 0.85 range to 5,200 nautical miles.

For a business jet with a state room for sleeping, a galley that allows for the preparation of five-course meals, and a suite of top avionics, the Bombardier Global 5000 is the right choice for productive long-haul flights.

Bombardier Global 5000 Specifications
The Global 5000 is equipped with Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 turbofans with a thrust of 14,750 lbf.

This jet is capable of transcontinental and transoceanic travel up to 10 ten hours nonstop, perfect for routes like London to LA and New York to Honolulu. Bombardier pursued and achieved a steep approach certification with this jet, allowing pilots to perform steep landings, including the 5.5-degree approach angle and short runway of smaller airports, including London City.

Please see the table below for additional specifications.

Bombardier Global 5000 Range
Maximum Range: 5,200 nm
Service Ceiling: 51,000 ft

Bombardier Global 5000 Distances
Takeoff Distance: 5,540 ft
Landing Distance: 2,670 ft

Bombardier Global 5000 Performance
Rate of Climb: 3,450 fpm

Climb Rate One Engine Inoperable: 704 fpm

Maximum Speed: 504 kts

Normal Cruise: 488 kts
Economy Cruise: 471 kts

Bombardier Global 5000 Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 92,500 Lb

Max Landing Weight: 78,600 Lb

Operating Weight: 50,861 Lb

Fuel Capacity: 38,959 Lb
Payload with Full Fuel: 2,639 Lb

Maximum Payload: 7,139 Lb

Large Jet Cabin Features
Ample and upscale are two adjectives that come to mind when describing the cabin features of the Global 5000. The cabin itself is 45 feet long, 6-feet, 3-inches tall, and seven feet wide and accommodates up to 19 passengers. With the widest cabin in its class, executives aboard receive maximum comfort to promote in-air productivity.

Cabin noise levels never exceed 52 decibels, the equivalent of a blowing fan, thanks to a new sound insulation improved over the Global Express, the 5000’s predecessor. Windows let in more natural light, and owners can upgrade seats to those that mold to a passenger’s body shape when activated by their body heat. Advanced wing designs give the Global 5000 a smooth ride. The most upgraded, late-model versions of the business jet include high-speed internet, LAN connections, satellite TV, smartphone connectivity, and a multi-media system in a large bay with the largest high-definition television in its class.

Although multiple configurations are available and likely found in numerous used jets for sale, many cabin features are quite common, including:

  • A spacious galley includes a generous work surface, sink, built-in coffee machine and ice drawer, chilled storage, oven, and microwave; this is more than adequate for a multi-course meal worthy of your company’s executive leadership. The galley is thoughtfully placed between the cockpit and main cabin areas, keeping the main cabin conducive for business meetings and quiet thought.

  • A main cabin with executive seating in a club configuration, conference grouping including a single pedestal table, and side tables at each executive seat. All seats swivel 180 degrees and recline fully for naps or overnight sleeping.

  • The aft lavatory includes a large window and wide vanity for refreshing during or after long flights.

  • A separate stateroom option offers a tranquil sleeping or working space separate from other passengers, including a divan for stretching out and resting, and a wardrobe to stow personal necessities.

  • Passengers can safely access an interior 195-cubic foot baggage compartment during the flight.

The Cockpit of the Bombardier Global 5000
A business jet like the Bombardier Global 5000 could only be outfitted with top-notch avionics that your company pilot will love. The Bombardier Vision flight deck is “business aviation’s most advanced avionics suite, with ergonomics and aesthetics that provide pilots with outstanding comfort and control,” according to Bombardier. (Note that older aircraft may not be equipped with the same avionics system, but are upgradeable.)

The flight deck includes four large displays, with a Head-Up Display (HUD), Enhanced Vision System (EVS), and Synthetic Vision System (SVS). Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC), MultiScan weather radar, Datalink, high-speed SATCOM, and the latest performance-based navigation round out the standard equipment on the newer models.

But Bombardier didn’t stop at decking out this jet with all the avionics bells-and-whistles. It also includes luxe cockpit seating and slick-looking control panels, some with carbon fiber accents and brushed metallic controls.

How Much Does it Cost to Own and Operate a Large Business Jet?
In addition to the comfortable and large cabin and excellent cockpit equipment, the Bombardier Global 5000 has other benefits, too -- namely that it has the lowest direct operating costs and longest maintenance intervals in the super-large jet class, making it one of your top choices for your company’s air travel needs.

On average, the total annual fixed cost of ownership is $702,952, and a total variable cost of $1.8 million. Plan a total annual budget of $2.5 million and a total hourly cost of $5,613.

The current cost of a new jet is $50.4 million. Purchasing a used Bombardier Global 5000 can save you millions, with earlier models as affordable as $10 million, and those with the updated cockpit topping out at $36 million.

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