Past, Present & Future of Private Jets

May 13, 2021

Looking Ahead: The Future of Private Jets in a Post-COVID World

All About Business Aviation and Finding Private Jets for Sale After the Pandemic

With the advent of novel coronavirus and the all-but-total shutdown of commercial airlines during the stay-at-home orders the entire world faced over the last year, businesses without their own fleet of private jets found themselves in a serious conundrum: how do they meet business needs and build relationships with constituents across the continent or abroad while stuck at headquarters or at home?

Business execs in this situation might have turned to charter jets, to fly more privately and minimize the coronavirus threat. But as the coronavirus-related frustrations are resolved over time, there may still be struggles within the aviation industry.

So what’s next for business aviation? And what should corporate leaders pursue to ensure they’re able to travel where they need and when they need?

Commercial Aviation Will Return
Commercial airlines are likely to bounce back quickly as more and more people receive vaccinations for COVID-19, as lockdown measures are lifted. However, it could be that certain airlines will require proof of vaccination before customers fly, a snag for some business travelers who don’t want to or who are unable to receive the vaccination.

And as soon as more people feel comfortable with commercial travel, airlines should anticipate seeing a rapid increase in air travel for vaccinated vacationers who missed their favorite leisure locations over the past year, likely starting in early summer as schools release at the conclusion of the academic year.

In the fall, fewer people will travel, likely due to an economic downturn as part of the recovery process, and as schools are back in session in person. However, corporate executives will still need travel options to handle client relationships, long-distance transactions, and business development.

Business Aviation Trends
Because commercial airlines are not able to return to normal flight scheduling or adjust schedules so easily because of complex air travel logistics and laws, the private aviation industry will be a boon for companies looking to fasttrack travel, negotiations, and other business dealings in 2021.

Private jet flight schedules are more easily manipulated to meet the needs of business travelers, making business jets - both chartered and privately owned - the wiser option for flexible or last-minute travel arrangements.

Private jets also minimize contact with other people, both in crowded airport terminals and aboard the plane, thus reducing the risk of transmission of contagious disease. You can’t put a price on good health, making the added expense of flying privately worth it for those looking to avoid potential exposure and limit the necessity of quarantine upon arrival at their destination.

In 2021, the world likely will see an increase in private aviation travels due to health safety issues alone. But as expensive plane tickets on commercial airlines approach the cost of private sharing options, the financial aspect will leave passengers with a bitter taste in their mouth. So why not enjoy the benefits of a more private flight for a similar cost as one that packs passengers in on a commercial jet and offers little other benefits?

Will Companies Purchase Their Own Business Jets for Sale?
With so many options for business aviation in post-COVID travel, will companies immediately turn to hiring travel operations departments and buying their own private jets? That remains to be seen.

For companies whose corporate travelers have not yet used private aviation options, they may first want to explore chartering, fractional ownership or jet card memberships before taking such a big step. First-time private aviation customers will certainly want to try these options. In fact, responsive private aviation service providers like these have already upped the ante with special offers for new travel customers.

When It’s Time to Buy a Business Jet
For travelers craving the privacy and flexibility of business travel on a private jet, and not finding satisfaction with fractional ownership or jet card programs, it’s time to purchase a pre-owned business jet for sale.

The best way to ensure this business transaction goes in your favor is to work with an International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) Accredited Dealer. An IADA Accredited Dealer works in your best interest to help you find a private jet that meets your travel and budget needs and takes care of the complicated jet purchase process for you.

These reputable dealers offer extensive private aviation industry experience and connections to aviation service providers that only decades-long relationships can provide. You won’t regret placing an immense amount of trust in an IADA Accredited Dealer.

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