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February 18, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About MROs When You Own a Private Jet

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul are Vital to Keep Business Jets in the Air

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul. And it’s an acronym you should remember, especially because it encapsulates all the activities you must complete to ensure airworthiness of your used private jet, including repair, service, and inspection, either of the entire aircraft, or a specific component.

Should you use an MRO? And how do you go about finding one?

MROs Enhance Safety of Your Business Jet
Without the right maintenance and services, your aircraft sits in its hangar, costing you money every day you have to find alternative transportation for your executive team.

Regular maintenance takes care of life-limited components that need repair or complete overhaul. But an MRO can spot deterioration to overall aircraft condition and lessen the risk of surprise failures in your used private jet.

In fact, following an aircraft’s MRO requirements can reduce the frequency and number of unscheduled maintenance, or AOG, events.

An MRO Can Affect the Resale Value When You List Your Private Jet for Sale
Meticulous maintenance records and proof of regular, prescribed maintenance are invaluable when it’s time for you to sell your aircraft.

In fact, not only do detailed maintenance records improve the value of your aircraft, but if they prove the jet was well cared for, received overhauls when necessary, and was carefully inspected on a regular basis, you’ll find that you may have multiple interested parties seeking to own your private jet.

Finding the Right MRO for Your Used Private Jet
Having an MRO is simply not enough; you must work with a quality MRO to get the best results. MRO maintenance records must be meticulous and specific.

And while you certainly can fire your MRO and transfer to a different one if you aren’t satisfied, it’s much easier to select the best company the first time, and stick with them the entire time you own the private jet they’re caring for.

Any MRO you consider should be able to demonstrate their understanding of your jet’s make and model and to provide credible references from other aircraft operators. They also should keep plenty of parts in stock to help minimize downtime and an MRO facility you can easily access.

Some major corporations that operate entire fleets establish their own MRO as a way to save cost and add convenience. Regional and commercial airports also tend to offer MROs for airlines. There, too, are standalone MRO facilities. You’ll need to determine which MRO will best suit your flight needs.

What to Ask MRO Candidate You’re Considering
Just as you want to ensure whoever you entrust to care for your most expensive personal assets knows what they’re doing, so, too, should you investigate the quality of any MRO you’re considering.

Before you sign on the dotted line, ensure you get satisfactory answers to each of the following questions.

  • What training does your MRO have, particularly for my private jet? How many of the same type does the MRO maintain?
    Ask specific questions about your aircraft to ensure the MRO knows your plane inside and out. They shouldn’t require additional training on the make and model of your used private jet.

  • Can I see a plan and quote for all inspections and due items for the next two years?
    This should be a relatively simple ask for an MRO who is experienced with your type of aircraft. Examine their plan to ensure the estimate appears to be comprehensive, that they’re able to save you money by combining inspections or phases, and compare their cost estimates with other MROs.

  • What is the inspection turnaround time I can expect?
    If you aren’t sure what timeline is reasonable, ask your colleagues who own the same make and model of private jet. An incredibly short turnaround time is a red flag; it could mean they’re intentionally underestimating to attract your business. But an excessively long turnaround time could mean that you’ll be dealing with AOG status more than is necessary.

MROs Recommended by the the Most Ethical Aircraft Dealers in the World

The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) is discerning about who they’ll accredit as an ethical dealer. So, too, are they discerning about the aircraft service providers they’ll recommend.

In fact, the MROs they recommend have earned membership into IADA, whose code of ethics guarantees you get the most value and highest degree of confidence when maintaining your business jet.

Meet the service providers IADA recommends, and shop for your next preowned jet for sale on, the official listing website of IADA.