Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

September 5, 2021

5 Perks of Owning a Private Jet

Take Off in Your Business Jet as You Enjoy these Benefits

People who purchase preowned jets for sale do so because they see an inherent value in ownership. Rarely do people buy planes just because they can! In fact, frequent travelers have quite a lot to gain by investing in a private jet.

With jet ownership comes many perks courtesy of the private aviation industry. If you’re considering buying a used private jet, you’ve likely considered some of these benefits already, but may not understand how much your life could change for the better.

Never Deal with TSA Security Lines Again
When you fly in your own private jet, you don’t have to walk through security, take off your shoes, and go through the body scanner. And you don’t even have to pay for TSA Pre-Check to get this benefit!

You’re responsible for your own level of security when you fly privately. You can walk right aboard your jet, take your club seat in the cabin, and enjoy your flight without waiting in the security line ever again.

Don’t Sit at the Gate with Hundreds of Other People Thanks to Your Business Jet
When you fly on a commercial airline, after you get through security, you’re tasked with finding a place to sit amongst the throngs of people who also are waiting for a flight. Alternatively, you can relax in the airline’s upscale client lounge.

But either way, you’re sharing your space with strangers when all you want to do is relax before takeoff and maybe get some confidential business work completed.

When you fly in your own used private jet, you don’t need to get to the airport so early that you must wait at the gate or in the lounge. In fact, you can wait on the plane, or simply arrive right before takeoff.

Fly in Your Private Jet When You Want To
When you own a private jet, you generally get more flexibility in your takeoff and landing times than if you fly commercially. There, you’re at the airline’s mercy and hope they have tickets available for flights that fit into your busy schedule. You might even need to rearrange your schedule to accommodate your flight.

On your own plane, you can plan your trips so they occur at the most convenient times for you - although you will still need to work with the airports you’ll be using. And unlike jet cards, you’ll have access to your own private jet and crew, so you won’t need to wait for another company to accommodate you.

Gain an Air of Importance in a Private Jet
Although no one purchases a private jet simply to raise their social status, working for a company that has its own fleet of business planes is rather prestigious in its own right.

The businesses you’re conducting business with may see yours as more successful and reputable if their leaders know you traveled to your meeting in your own private jet.

Save Money Over Commercial Air Travel
Purchasing a preowned private jet for sale costs quite a lot of money, and flying in one does, too. Depending on how often your company’s executive team travels, they could be racking up thousands of dollars in airfare every month.

But even if their airfare doesn’t exceed the cost of jet ownership, you also must consider the cost savings as a result of flying in an environment that is conducive to conducting business.

If your business leaders don’t have to pause their meeting schedule and can continue working while airborne, your business potentially is saving money thanks to multi-tasking. For many companies, conducting business in the first-class cabin of a commercial jet is difficult and could cause leaks of confidential information.

How to Go about Owning a Private Jet

If the perks of owning a business jet seem appealing to you and your executive leaders, start the acquisition process by contacting an International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) Accredited Dealer. These dealers vow to uphold the highest ethical standards in the private aviation industry and to work in your best interest to help you locate a private jet for sale that meets your travel needs and budget.

IADA Accredited Dealers take the stress out of the complex jet-buying process and guide you through a checklist of to-dos to ensure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible. With their extensive industry knowledge and connections to aviation service providers, an IADA Accredited Dealer is worthy of your trust.

Find a dealer near you, and see vetted and verified listings of preowned business jets for sale at, the only IADA-approved website for private jet buying.