Flying a Private Jet

June 29, 2022

7 Business Trip Must-Haves to Take Along on Your Private Jet

Owning a Private Jet Gives You the Flexibility to Pack What You Need

Flying on a traditional commercial airline comes with restrictions, from limitations on the toiletries you can take, to the size of your luggage. Executives traveling for business have faced difficulty and inconveniences since the implementation of these rules, which is why so many are turning to flying privately in lieu of public air travel.

But even charter flights and jet card memberships come with strict rules to follow, and if you need to take along specialized equipment for meetings around the world, that might not fly with them - literally.

The solution: Owning a private jet dedicated to corporate travel. With jet ownership comes the freedom to pack what you need in your luggage and the ability to bring along the things you want, for added comfort during your trip. Don’t forget these seven items business travelers can’t do without - and acquire a used private jet on

Pack Full-Size Toiletries and Hygiene Items in Your Business Jet
When meeting with potential clients and business partners, you want to look and feel your best. Owning a private jet means you can take along full-size shampoo, skin care serums, and hair products, regardless of the commercial airline 3-ounce rule.

Using familiar products - and not having the hassle of separating them into smaller containers - means you can get ready for important face-to-face gatherings and feel like yourself.

Take Along Your Company’s Demo Products and Displays
When you buy and fly in a used private jet, your luggage is only limited by the aircraft’s luggage capacity, not rules set forth by a large corporation. On your company plane, you can bring demonstration products that may not fit inside regular luggage, plus any displays or assets that go along with it.

By having these materials with you, you’re more likely to close the deal than you would if you had only your laptop to show off what your company is capable of.

Bring a Change of Clothes for In-Cabin Comfort
If you start your day in your suit for a slew of team meetings before rushing off to the regional airport for a long domestic or transatlantic trip in your business jet, you might not be prepared for comfort for hours of sitting in a plane cabin.

For a typical commercial flight, you might find yourself changing clothes in the public restroom of the airline lounge, and again upon arrival at your destination. But when you own a private jet, you can change in the privacy of your own lavatory - with only you or your small, trusted team aboard the aircraft. So if you’re enduring an hours-long flight, why not change into your favorite athleisure outfit while you work at the conference table, relax in the reclining club seats, or take a dinner break with a gourmet meal prepared in the galley?

Plug In All Your Electronics Chargers Next to Your Seat on Your Business Jet
Even older, used private jets are designed for productivity, with electrical outlets for use next to your seat or aligned with the fold-down tabletop at each club seat. Plug in your laptop, smartphone, Bluetooth earbuds, and tablet to keep them charged up as you fly. And no one will tell you to stow them for take-off and landing, either!

Bring Aboard Your Favorite Snacks and Drinks - Or Ask Your Flight Operations Manager to Stock Them for You
On a long flight, you may catch a craving for your favorite sweet or savory treat. But a traditional airline probably doesn’t have those on hand, unless your favorites are slightly stale pretzels.

On your own private jet, you can bring aboard whatever refreshments you want - or you can let someone else take care of it for you. Many executive travelers on used private jets ask their operations team to ensure the aircraft is stocked with everything they need for an enjoyable flight, including a bevy of beverages and food.

Stow Your Golf Clubs in One of Many Luggage Compartments
Midsize private jets tend to offer at least two storage compartments for luggage, one of which is usually accessible from inside the cabin. Large or heavy jets offer even more storage options.

With no luggage size limits - and weight restrictions only dictated by your jet’s payload - you can bring along your own golf clubs to use when you schmooze on the links with business partners around the world.

Invite Coworkers to Collaborate With

Your corporate travel department likely does their best to ensure seats are close together for business leaders who need to chat during their travels on commercial airlines. But it isn’t always possible, and that means your productivity is limited by proximity - and lack of privacy.

On a business jet, you and your team choose your seats, so you can sit face-to-face to complete important projects or hold discussions without prying eyes or ears. Taking along your staff enables you to get things done, despite your altitude.

Buy a Pre-Owned Jet for Sale, or Offer Yours, with Help from an IADA Accredited Aircraft Dealer

If your business has grown so much that you need a second used private jet for your fleet, if you’re looking to upgrade and need to sell one you own, or if you’re ready for the freedom that private aviation affords, work with an International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) Accredited Aircraft Dealer.

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