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February 1, 2022

Top Private Aircraft Manufacturers to Consider When You’re Ready to Own a Private Jet

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Preowned jets for sale are available from a variety of makers. They’re more affordable and faster to acquire than a brand-new jet, too, which makes them a popular choice for businesses seeking to streamline their travel practices or form their own fleet.

Some private jet makers stand out from the rest, however. Here are a few top-sellers or history-makers you may consider when you shop for a business jet and throw away your jet card.

Bombardier Private Jets for Sale
Founded in 1937, Bombardier purchased Canadair, Learjet and De Havilland Aircraft in the 1990s and has since established three popular families of business jets, including the short-haul Learjet, medium-haul Challenger, and long-haul Global.

Of note is Bombardier’s very long-haul jets, with ranges approaching 15,000 km, featuring all the creature comforts necessary for overnight flights. Nearly 5,000 Bombardier private jets remain in service today all over the world.

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Beechcraft Jets
Now owned by Textron Aviation, Beechcraft got its start in Wichita, Kansas, manufacturing piston airplanes and light turboprop aircraft.

The King Air range, a family of twin-turboprop planes for private business travelers, is well-known and still in demand today.

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Used Private Jets from Cessna
Cessna started in 1927, before becoming part of the Textron Group in 2014. Today, Cessna aircraft are produced in Wichita, Kansas, and the company is known for its smaller private jets, particularly the Citation lineup.

The Citation family carries between 8 and 15 passengers, depending on model, including the Citation II, III, V, Mustang, XL, XLS, and XLS+. These medium-haul jets are affordable to purchase and own.

More recent private jets in the Cessna Citation family are the Latitude and Longitude, introduced in the mid-2010s, which deliver exceptional performance and quality.

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Dassault Business Jets
Dassault Aviation was created to build fighter planes for the French army, but the company entered the private aviation sector in the early 1960s with the Falcon range.

Over the decades, Dassault continued to release updated Falcon models, with the 7X and 8X serving as flagship models in their fleet. These jets are fairly long-haulers and can accommodate 16 to 19 passengers with ease.

Dassault Aviation continues to release private jet models, so used inventory is likely to be available for purchase in coming years.

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Embraer Jets
Originally formed to build military planes, Embraer turned its focus to business aviation in 2002. The Legacy 600 was its first private jet, seating 13 passengers and flying a range of 6,300 km. The Praetor and Phenom line of jets followed soon after, and are known for their versatility.

In fact, the Phenom 100 and 300 are considered flagship aircraft and some of the most comfortable. They can land on short runways in smaller airports, making them convenient for business travelers seeking to avoid busy major airports.

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Gulfstream Business Jets
Gulfstream branched out from Grumman, an American military aircraft maker, in order to enter the business jet sector. Its first civilian aircraft was the Gulfstream I turboprop, which soon grew into a Gulfstream II. Over the years, the manufacturer changed ownership to General Dynamics, but not before Gulfstream produced the first long-haul private jet, the Gulfstream GV.

Popular large business jet models, like the G550, are known for their level of comfort and luxury, and are easily recognized by their signature elongated oval windows. Gulfstream continues to produce large private jets for sale, with many used models available through reputable aircraft dealers.

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Which Used Private Jet Should You Buy?

When it’s time to own a private jet, the manufacturer and model you select should be based on your travel needs and budget, not necessarily only for its brand. However, many individuals or companies who own their own fleets find that they’re drawn to one particular maker.

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