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September 7, 2023

Is a Jet Card or a Private Jet Your Best Bet in the New Year?

Comparing Jet Card Programs with Pre-owned Jets for Sale

As your business considers whether a private jet will best suit your needs, it becomes abundantly clear that the alternative, commercial aviation, is no longer a good fit.

Commercial airlines try to fit your business into a one-size-fits-all hole. You don’t have control over your seating, flight schedule, or your comfort. On the other hand, business jets provide opportunities to take charge of your travel and meet your business goals more efficiently and effectively.

After you understand that private jet travel has far more benefits than flying commercial, you may still be stuck on your options. Will you opt for a jet card program or purchase a used private jet? Explore the value of jet cards and jet ownership to help you make an informed decision for your business.

The Pros and Cons of Jet Cards for Private Jet Travel

As you decide whether a jet card is right for your business travel, you want to ensure you know what these programs entail. You’ll encounter three types of jet card programs in today’s marketplace:

● Fractional jet cards with closed fleets

● Membership programs

● Jet charters

A fractional jet card requires you to purchase a certain amount of flight hours or deposit cash. Your funds or purchased hours are then deducted as you continue to fly. Your purchase provides access to a “closed fleet” of aircraft that are owned by the jet card business, so you’ll only be able to fly on the jet model you pre-select when you sign up.

A membership program requires you to pay monthly membership fees, as well as a hefty one-time initiation fee, which can then be leveled-up for further access and amenities.

Jet charters allow you to purchase a single charter at a variable hourly rate, determined by where you intend to fly and what kind of aircraft you require.

Certain business may find that these jet card, charter, and membership programs makes sense:

● If you fly fewer than 200 hours a year, a jet card may be a sound financial decision. You won’t necessarily need to invest in your own business jet.

● If you don’t need to fly at a moment’s notice or during peak hours or black-out dates, these programs could work for your business.

● If you’re confident that the program will have jets available that will suit your travel needs, a membership could be ideal for you.

However, businesses considering a jet card as opposed to buying a pre-owned jet for sale should also explore the quality of these programs, as well as their fleet. Ensure that you inquire about the business’s number of years in service, independent safety ratings, pilot training, how the fleet is maintained, the age of the aircraft in the fleet, insurance coverage, and other operational, maintenance, and quality considerations.

Why a Used Private Jet May Be a Better Fit For Your Business Than a Jet Card

A pre-owned jet hits all the marks you feel you’ll miss if you opt for a jet card. What jet cards lack, private jet ownership makes up for in significant ways:

● If you fly more than 200 hours a year, paying for a jet card program simply isn’t financially feasible. The premiums and additional fees could exceed the operational and maintenance costs of owning your own business jet.

● When you own your own jet, there are no blackout dates or peak hours. You fly when you need to fly.

● You have complete control over the right aircraft for your business needs, including manufacturer, model, flight range, number of passengers, amenities, and more.

● Your business gets to oversee the operational, maintenance, safety, and personnel logistics for your aircraft without relying on a third party.

Jet cards simply don’t provide this level of oversight, control, and cost-to-value ratio. If a private jet makes more sense for your business, your next step is to find the right dealer of pre-owned jets for sale, so you can put your business in the air and reach your goals.

Where to Find a Private Jet for Your Business Needs

The benefits of owning a private jet as opposed to working with a jet card program can be yours, but only if you have a trustworthy resource for business jet purchases. is that resource. is a comprehensive marketplace where you can find exclusive, reputable listings of used private jets.

Only IADA Accredited Aircraft Dealers can list pre-owned jets for sale on, ensuring that your dealer is ethically driven, honest, and follows current industry best practices for buying and selling business jets.

If you’ve determined that owning a private aircraft is the smartest choice for your business,’s listings have your answer. You’ll find a jet that provides the flexibility, control, and financial feasibility you need to turn a private aircraft into a valuable business asset.

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