Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

June 22, 2023

Private Jet Demand Is Growing! Time to Secure Your Aircraft

Time to Scrap the Jet Card and Embrace the Power of Jet Ownership

Demand for private jets continues to grow. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses discovered the advantages of private air travel. Still more realized they were missing out, and they too decided they wanted in on the many benefits of a private aircraft.

Aside from all the benefits that came with getting their jets in the air, many of these businesses had one thing in common: they sought out a carefully vetted private jet dealer to negotiate the purchase process.

How did they begin their journey toward ownership? They used the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) list of Accredited Dealers for their acquisition. If you’re in a similar position and looking for the best used jets for sale on the market today, reach out to an IADA Accredited Dealer and shop on This will ensure that your business is set up for success.

When you acquire a jet through an IADA Accredited Dealer, you’ll swap your jet card for an aircraft that will exceed your expectations for quality, performance, and value. Search for your jet dealer now.

Why Is Demand Growing for Private Jets?

Some analysts assumed that private jet travel would lessen once COVID-19 restrictions ended; however, this hasn’t been the case. While you may have flown on a charter private jet with a jet card, businesses that bought a private jet for their exclusive use recognize that ownership is a completely different experience.

The benefits of owning a private jet include:

● Bypassing the delays, schedules, and wait times associated with commercial travel.

● In-air collaboration, meetings, and uninterrupted work time.

● Controlling your team’s exposure to illness with safer indoor air quality.

● Enjoying a heightened sense of privacy.

● Improving comfort and work satisfaction among your team members.

● Demonstrating your business’s sophistication to your clients.

Find out why so many businesses are looking into used jets for sale through an IADA Accredited Dealer. links you to a wide range of dealers that abide by a strict code of ethics, so you can feel certain you’re selecting an aircraft that perfectly suits your business needs and your dealer is working in your best interests.

How to Ensure You’re Set Up for Success with the Right Private Jet Dealer

IADA was established to ensure that sellers and buyers could find a trustworthy, ethics-driven marketplace for private jets. When you look into acquiring a used jet for sale from, you’ll only be connected with IADA Accredited Dealers that have committed to IADA’s vetting process and have demonstrated a high degree of expertise in private aviation.

In too many industries, subpar dealers fly under the radar. This can lead to the sale of poor- quality aircraft, unreasonable negotiations, resentful clients, and, eventually, general mistrust among buyers and sellers alike. IADA ensures that this doesn’t happen in the private jet industry, and the results are clear: IADA’s Accredited Dealers represent approximately 48% of transactions for private jets worldwide, despite being just 17% of all dealers across the globe. This is an incredible feat, and a testament to IADA’s commitment to quality and trustworthiness in today’s marketplace.

Connecting with an IADA Accredited Dealer is easy. Simply visit, and search for a dealer in your area. Visit the Accredited Dealer’s website, View inventory from all Accredited Dealers on

You’ll no longer have to rely on a jet card, and you’ll no longer experience the headaches of trying to book a charter that’s actually flying on your schedule. When you buy a private jet, you get to travel on your own terms.

Partner with an IADA Accredited Dealer Now to Acquire Your Private Jet

Avoid jet cards and charters that benefit a middleman more than your business. Instead, find out why buying a private jet through an IADA Accredited Dealer is the only way to get your business in the air for your next phase of growth.

It’s time to embrace jet ownership as the most effective way to travel for business. We look forward to helping your business experience all of the benefits of private air travel.

To get started, visit today.