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April 20, 2023

Should I Rent Instead of Buying a Private Jet?

Avoid Misleading Claims about Jet Rental and Purchase a Private Jet from an IADA Accredited Dealer

As most people in business know, the cost-benefit analysis of renting versus owning tends to favor ownership. For example, renting a home is never as cost-effective in the long run as taking out a home loan and gaining all the benefits that come from it, such as home equity and selling the property for more money down the road.

While renting provides a specific service you need, it typically favors the owner. The owner can recoup the cost of ownership and profit at the same time. This is as true for the jet industry as it is for any other form of rental.

The cost of purchasing a private jet - which you can use for many years as you achieve your business goals - is far more cost-effective than renting. Additionally, why shouldn’t you be the one renting out your own private jet through a charter program? If you buy a private jet for your business, you can be the one recouping the initial expense of ownership and profiting from those who aren’t able to buy their own business jet.

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Buying a Private Jet Is Far More Cost-Effective than Renting

While jet rental businesses may tell you that the maintenance and management costs related to owning a private jet are too time-consuming and could be costly, it all depends on what kind of owner you are.

If your business wants to go all-in on making key business connections nationally and internationally, and you have the infrastructure to keep your jet well maintained as you do with all your assets, the rental argument falls flat. Let’s examine the claims associated with the benefits of renting, instead of purchasing a private jet:

Claim #1: Rentals allow for more versatility and tailor your jet selection for each individual flight.

Truth: With some foresight and the assistance of an IADA Accredited Dealer of private jets for sale, you’ll undoubtedly select a jet that will meet your requirements for any kind of business travel you plan to make. This includes strategic decisions about how many team members will be traveling with you. The claim about the benefits of renting only seems to apply if you aren’t a strategic business.

Claim #2: You won’t have to deal with jet upkeep, maintenance, repair, and management fees when you rent.

Truth: While buying a private jet should be done with an understanding of the responsibilities this asset entails, when you rent, you are, in fact, paying for upkeep, maintenance, repair, and management - in small increments. These prices are built into your rental fee, so that a private jet owner can recoup their costs and profit from renting to you. Therefore, if you fly enough, in the long-run you really are paying for a private jet - just not your own.

Claim #3: It’s not that easy to own a private jet.

Truth: Any significant asset requires responsibility. However, if your business handles its operational responsibilities well, purchasing a private jet isn’t going to surprise you with anything new. There’s a reason your company can potentially acquire a private jet for sale in the first place, and that’s because you’ve been fiscally and operationally strategic over the years. Those same virtues will make jet ownership manageable.

Partner with an IADA Accredited Dealer Today to Buy a Private Jet and Fly on Your Own Terms

The claims for renting a jet as opposed to buying a business jet don’t add up. That is, unless you’re only traveling a few times in the lifespan of your business or if you don’t think your business can handle the management of a powerful asset like a business jet. In those cases, jet rental or a jet card might make more sense.

However, if you have a plan for how you’ll use your jet as your business thrives over the years and if you already have a team in place that you know will make a business jet work well for your team, the benefits of renting lose traction.

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