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April 3, 2022

Our Guide to the Bombardier Learjet 31

Light Private Jets for Sale That Suit Your Budgets

Produced between 1987 and 1990, the Bombardier Learjet 31 remains a budget-friendly light business jet for short domestic flights for eight passengers and two crew members.

After 1990, Bombardier produced further lineage, including the 31A, which ultimately replaced the original Learjet 31, and the Learjet 31ER, with an extended range.

Because of its short range of years of production, only 38 total were produced, and the entire line concluded production in 2003, in part due to its small cabin size. It is small, but mighty. However, the Learjet 31’s maximum cruise altitude is an impressive 51,000 feet, a feat only a few civil aircraft can achieve.

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Bombardier Learjet 31Business Jet Specifications
The original Learjet 31 was powered by two Garrett TFE731-2 engines, with 3,500 pounds of thrust each. Later in production, they were upgraded to the more powerful TFE731-2C.

With a total length of 48 feet, 8 inches, and a maximum speed of Mach 0.81, the Learjet 31’s longest possible range is 1,877 miles, burning about 177 gallons of fuel per hour.

Please see the table below for more technical specifications.

Bombardier Learjet 31 Range

Normal Range: 1,877 miles

Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet

Bombardier Learjet 31 Performance

Rate of Climb: 5,480 ft/min

Maximum Speed: Mach 0.81

Cruise Speed: 441 kts

Bombardier Learjet 31 Weights

Gross Weight: 15,500 lbs

Empty Weight: 9,857 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 4,124 lbs

Max. Payload: 1,397 lbs

Bombardier Learjet 31 Distances

Takeoff Distance: 3,490 ft

Balanced Field Length: 3,800 ft

Landing Distance: 4,200 ft

Bombardier Learjet 31Used Private Jet Cabin Features
Before you own a private jet, you need to decide what you’re looking for in a plane, including the cabin features. Not every business jet is made equally, and the Bombardier Learjet 31 is a great example of this.

With an interior cabin height of 4 feet, 4 inches and length of 12 feet, 11 inches, this light jet is known for its slight size. It does not offer a galley and has only primitive toilet facilities. The 30 cubic foot internal baggage space is compact, but likely adequate for the few passengers - up to 8 - that the Learjet 31 can haul.

A barebones interior with little flash is a decent exchange for a modest purchase price and operating cost, especially if you need a used private jet only for short-haul flights.

Bombardier Learjet 31 Cockpit
Pilots enjoy flying the Learjet 31 for its reputation as a “hot rod.” Its light and clean design, speed, and service ceiling are impressive for its size. Two pilots are necessary in the cockpit.

In terms of avionics, the Learjet 31 had little to write home about, but with the upgrade to the 31A, they were much improved. A Bendix King Electronic Flight Information 50; Universal 1M, 1B, and 1C flight management system; a KFC 3100 pitch and roll autopilot; and flight director with yaw damper were added.

If you purchase an older Bombardier Learjet 31, it’s likely that the jet will have had upgraded avionics since then, too. Check for overhauls in the documentation you receive before you make your purchase decision.

Cost to Own a Private Jet, Like a Bombardier
When the Learjet 31 was first delivered, its list price was $4.5 million. Today, you can snag a used private jet for sale for about $500,000, give or take a couple hundred thousand dollars, depending on cycles, maintenance, and total airtime.

The estimated annual fixed cost for operating the Learjet 31 for about 500 flight hours is just $316,617 - this includes costs of things like insurance, hangar fees, and crew training. Variable costs, which are directly related to the number of flight hours per year, will cost about $2,181 per hour.

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