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September 15, 2020

Our Guide to the Embraer Phenom 300

The Most Popular Small Private Jet, Perfect for Business Travel

Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer developed the Phenom 300 because of feedback from potential customers who wanted a larger aircraft than the Phenom 100. The Phenom 300, a light jet, was released in late 2009, pleasing corporate flyers due to its array of features and tech most often found on far more expensive luxury business jets.

Its versatility is out of this world: it can be flown with a single pilot, but has a range of nearly 2,000 nautical miles, and a speedy climb to a ceiling of 45,000 feet in 26 seconds. Those are just a few of its advantages that earned it the title of the most-delivered light jet for eight consecutive years, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

Its Updates Tell a Story
The original Phenom 300 has been produced since 2009, but in 2018, Embraer launched the Phenom 300E. While it is essentially the same aircraft, the 300E received a redesigned interior and an upgraded avionics suite.

This year, Embraer announced it would once again upgrade the Phenom 300E. The manufacturer will upgrade the jet’s engines and improve its thrust, maximum speed, and range, and add to the avionics suite. The new suite will include predictive wind shear awareness, runway overrun awareness and alerting system, and stabilized approach. The new Phenom 300E wouldn’t be complete without a new interior option, too.

Embraer Phenom 300 Specifications
For such a small aircraft, the Phenom 300 is capable of decently-long treks. Your business executives can fly non-stop from Teterboro, New Jersey to Vail, Colorado. Addison, Texas to West Palm Beach, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia to Aspen, Colorado. Its petite size and single-point refueling make it the perfect choice for taking off and landing in smaller regional airports, so your c-suite leaders never have to navigate crowded major airports ever again.

This twin-engined cantilever monoplane is powered with two rear-pylon-mounted Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines.

Refer to the table below for more specifications.

Embraer Phenom 300 Range
Normal Range: 1811 nm
Maximum Range: 2077 nm
Service Ceiling: 45000 ft

Embraer Phenom 300 Distances
Takeoff Distance: 3138 ft
Landing Distance: 3700 ft

Embraer Phenom 300 Performance
Rate of Climb: 3335 fpm

Climb Rate One Engine Inoperable: 1044 fpm

Maximum Speed: 453 kts

Normal Cruise: 430 kts
Economy Cruise: 383 kts

Embraer Phenom 300 Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 17968 Lb

Max Landing Weight: 16865 Lb

Operating Weight: 11783 Lb

Fuel Capacity: 5353 Lb
Payload with Full Fuel: 942 Lb

Maximum Payload: 2216 Lb

Cabin Features of This Light Jet for Sale
Your company can fly nine passengers and two pilots in the well-appointed cabin of the Phenom 300. Although it’s small, this private jet contains all the amenities your colleagues will need for their business trips.

The cabin is a mere 5.1 feet wide and 4.9 feet tall, but 17.2 feet long. Some people say that its interior aesthetic is that of a well-equipped BMW because Embraer collaborated with the automaker on the design! And truly, it is quite well-equipped, especially the newer models. Aside from a lengthy list of interior color options, the cabin also sports pleated window shades, ultraleather sidewalls, carpet or wood flooring, and lustrous cabinet finishes in the galley and externally-serviced aft lavatory.

The Phenom 300 comes in two basic floor plans, with options like a full wardrobe or sink in the lav, and a galley outfitted with a hot jug and a wine rack. The five baggage compartments total 74 cubic feet with interior dimensions suitable for full-length skis, and most are accessible from inside the aircraft.

The latest in-flight entertainment options are available in the Phenom 300, including satellite radio, power outlets at each passenger seat, a stereo system compatible with MP3 players, and separate passenger and cockpit temperature controls, for guaranteed comfort during every flight. The Phenom 300E upgrade offers smart storage solutions that save a lot of space in the cabin, including 12-inch deep drawers beneath each seat, ideal for stowing personal belongings. Other upgrades include USB charging outlets, 7-inch video screens, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Cockpit of the Embraer Phenom 300
The earliest models of this light jet were equipped with the Garmin Prodigy G1000 avionics suite, which has since been exchanged for a newer Prodigy Touch G3000. In fact, the Phenom 300E is the very first to fly with this touchscreen technology, which is perfect for single pilots. Pilots will find a three-panel display in any Phenom 300, but the 300E’s displays are slightly larger.

In addition to the high-tech touchscreen avionics system, Embraer also has included old-school push-buttons and twist knobs to operate the intercom, transponder, checklist, and flight-plan entry tasks.

The differences between the 300 and 300E feel fairly marginal; the newest upgrade will perform quite similarly to the 300 from years past. Expect the same stellar performance, but with interior upgrades in both the cabin and the cockpit that make a stark contrast when compared to earlier models.

Additional Benefits of Flying in the Phenom 300
Have you been tasked with finding a durable, long-lasting business jet for your company? The Phenom 300 might be the perfect candidate. Embraer says owners can expect a structural life of 28,000 flight cycles or 35,000 flight hours.

Embraer Phenom 300 Ownership and Operational Costs
Because the Phenom 300 is a light jet, your business will need only to pay quite reasonable operating and fixed costs, especially when compared to midsize jets that carry only a few more passengers.

Companies whose executives intend to fly 200 hours per year should budget for about $290,000 in operating costs and $343,000 in fixed costs, for a total annual budget of around $633,000. If flying for 400 hours per year, expect direct operating costs to fall near $580,000 and fixed costs around $342,000, for a total of an estimated $922,000.

To buy a brand-new Phenom 300E, you can expect to pay $9.45 million, with perhaps another $1 million for extra options your executives will want. Pre-owned jets for sale are more budget-friendly, with an average list price of $5.8 million, although earlier models tend to cost less. Regardless of the model year of this aircraft for sale, you’ll end up with a cost-effective flying machine with interior finishes that feel especially premium compared to other jets in its class.

Find a Phenom 300 Jet For Sale
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