Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

February 7, 2023

Who Owns and Operates Private Jets? It’s Not Just Celebrities.

Owning a Private Jet Is a Valuable Asset for Businesses, Medical Facilities, and More

While a great deal of attention is often paid to which celebrity or billionaire was flying their private jet to what remote island for the weekend, you don’t need a red carpet or a major Instagram following to own a private jet.

In fact, the private jet industry is a robust business with many other uses than helping red carpet celebrities get where they want to be. Celebrities only make up a microscopic fraction of the many jets in the air today that are making business, government, military, and even medical transportation easier than ever.

You may have never considered looking into takeoff-ready, used private jets for sale, but - now that they are more accessible than ever - you might find there’s an available aircraft that would suit your needs perfectly.

How Owning a Private Jet for Business Could Be Your Company’s Next Strategic Move

More and more businesses are recognizing the value of owning a private jet - and this doesn’t just apply to businesses on the Fortune 500 list. If your business requires employees to travel for conferences, sales visits, connections with other nationwide offices, and more, you’re likely already aware of how expensive air travel can be. Plus, you’re always operating through at least one other party, including commercial airlines and possibly a travel-booking team.

If your business decided to explore used private jets for sale, you might find that this decision could be an important strategic move that could help your bottom line, as well as get your team where they need to be fast, without all the hassle and expense that traditional, commercial airline travel requires. Imagine your team being able to show up at the airport without the typical airline troubles, have time on the plane to discuss recent developments in your business and prepare for a big presentation, and get them to their final destination refreshed and energized for the good work they do.

Private Jets for Military and Government Travel

The misconception that celebrities are the only ones who use private jets can also be applied to military and government travel.

While we often think of Air Force One - the luxurious airborne presidential command center that flies the sitting president and other high-ranking officials where they need to go at a moment’s notice - private jets are used by the military and government for a broader list of personnel than you might expect.

Government and military officials may need quick travel to a different part of a state or region for meetings, for travel back and forth to Washington, D.C., for campaigning, in response to moment’s notice emergencies, or other official business. Our country is more interconnected than ever in terms of how elected officials engage and interact, so owning a larger fleet of private jets at the state or federal level is becoming more and more necessary.

Retrofitting Private Jets as Air Ambulances

Once you’ve acquired a used private jet, the aircraft no longer has to maintain the same seating and cabin configuration with which it was purchased. More and more frequently, private jets formerly used as business jets and for other purposes are being retrofitted as air ambulances to ensure quick transport of patients across the state or country where specific forms of medical care are more readily available.

Medical facilities that want to provide the highest level of patient care and to demonstrate their commitment to an integrated network of care throughout their hospitals in a particular region - as well as cooperation with other hospitals - can create a full fleet of private jets for air ambulance travel, ensuring that emergency situations are met with the same precision as their in-house, bedside patient care.

Select from Carefully Vetted Aircraft for Your Business or Organization’s Needs

Whether you need to own a private jet for medical, government, or business travel, there is one official listing website for the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA): Here, you can browse used jets for sale and select a dealer from our wide-ranging list.

As you search, you can rest assured that you’re only looking at used private jets for sale from accredited dealers who are IADA members. To become an IADA member, the dealer must adhere to a stringent code of professional ethics - a distinction that only 3 percent of all aircraft dealers worldwide have earned. Begin browsing today, and find the best aircraft on the market that will help you meet your goals and priorities more efficiently - and more strategically - than ever before.