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July 25, 2023

Highlights from the International Aircraft Dealers Association Market Report

Our Trends and Insights Shape the Future of Private Jet Ownership Today

Each fiscal quarter, the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) publishes a Market Report on the pre-owned jet industry. This publication presents key information to inform stakeholders about the present and future of this market.

Key features of this quarterly report include:

● The IADA Perspective Survey, which draws responses from IADA’s aviation partners, including Accredited Dealers, Certified Brokers, and Products and Services Members.

● Member Perspectives, which allow IADA Members to provide relevant insights related to the survey.

● Conclusions drawn from the survey, which offer powerful thought leadership to IADA Members as they move into a new fiscal quarter.

The IADA Market Report is not only relevant for dealers and other industry partners. It is also crucial for businesses that are seeking an aircraft from an IADA Accredited Dealer. Importantly, businesses will discover that our Market Report reveals the exceptional level of engagement that IADA Accredited Dealers bring to the private aircraft industry. Through the report, It becomes clear that our dealers are invested in maintaining high standards and securing the future of this industry.

Below, discover the most crucial information from our recent IADA Market Report and learn the value of these takeaways for those interested in jet ownership, as well as how to keep in touch for new information from IADA and

3 Highlights from the Recent International Aircraft Dealers Association Market Report

While it has always been highly beneficial to work with IADA Accredited Dealers (after all, they represent about 15% of the world’s dealers, but account for almost half of all pre-owned sales) this recent report provides further reasons to view the list of used business jets for sale through IADA Accredited Dealers.

The following takeaways from the IADA Market Report are excellent news for any business in the market to purchase a private aircraft:

1. In terms of advantage, the IADA Perspective Survey reveals that the market is nearly balanced between sellers and buyers at this time. In a more balanced market, negotiations are far more predictable, leading to success for both parties.

2. The Perspective Survey also reveals that overall satisfaction with the private jet market is at its highest since Q3 of 2022, when satisfaction reached similar levels.

3. Q2 of 2023 is exceeding Q2 of 2022 in terms of the number of clients that have retained an IADA Member to sell exclusively with them. This is a strong sign of growth for the pre-owned jet industry, and it speaks to the significant interest in private air travel, particularly in the long-range heavy jet class.

Overall, the market is strong for buyers seeking an IADA aircraft. It is important for businesses to act promptly if they want to secure a pre-owned private jet now while the market is balanced, and overall sentiment is extremely positive.

Acting quickly is particularly essential for businesses that see private jet ownership as an advantage over their competition and for those who need to complete a strategic growth plan that includes securing an aircraft in the near future.

To get more insights and view the full survey results from IADA members, read the entirety of the IADA Market Report. You can also stream an official press conference on YouTube, which features IADA’s aviation experts and is hosted by IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. This video provides even more insights from this past quarter’s Market Report.

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