Aircraft Maintenance

February 25, 2021

The Benefits of Fixed-Cost Jet Maintenance Plans

Take Care of Your Private Jet the Most Cost-Effective Way

Fixed-cost jet maintenance plans protect you from massive costs of unexpected breakdowns and mechanical issues with your private jet, and keeps preventative maintenance costs affordable. They allow you to predict maintenance costs and keep within your budget, and spread out the costs of maintenance over an entire year. Your private jet will be mission-ready all the time with one of these important maintenance plans.

Most jet owners and operators simply don’t know how or don’t have the industry knowledge to estimate how much it will cost to maintain their aircraft for an entire year, nor do they have a grasp on the types of repairs that are necessary as their private jet ages.

A jet maintenance program solves these problems. It helps to ensure your jet depreciates more slowly, lasts your business for years to come, and can be counted on every time your company’s leaders need to travel.

Available Jet Maintenance Programs
The private aviation industry has a range of fixed-cost maintenance plans from companies you can trust to keep your aircraft flying.

These maintenance providers keep up-to-date with the latest best practices and technology advancements, so their work keeps pace with your operational needs and maintains your jet to the highest possible standards.

Before enrolling in a maintenance plan, your operations manager should do their due diligence to investigate all available programs and compare them. Maintenance providers should be able to provide information specific to your aircraft, so your company can make the best decision possible.

When researching maintenance plan providers, ask questions like:

  • How long have you been in business providing maintenance plans for private jets like mine?
  • What do your maintenance programs cover? What are your co-pays and plan limits?
  • How do you coordinate and schedule aircraft maintenance?
  • Do I have to make an upfront buy-in payment to join your maintenance program?
  • What resources are available to prioritize parts and service?
  • What program upgrades do you offer?
  • Can you share statistics on potential savings?

To compare plans from a variety of providers, we recommend creating a spreadsheet that lists every program offering, requirement, and payment cost, so you can compare apples to apples, as the saying goes, and choose the best plan for your business. This spreadsheet will prove a valuable tool when picking your service plan from the many available and for presenting options to corporate executives or your company’s finance department for their approval.

When Self-Insurance Works Well
You can get by without a fixed-cost jet maintenance plan if your budget has enough funds to cover 100 percent of all repair costs, straight out of your pocket.

Most private jet owners do not opt for this, but those that do are very familiar with their aircraft, general maintenance information, and can refer back to years of data to analyze to budget accordingly.

IADA Vets Service Providers includes a list of reputable service providers from whom you can purchase your maintenance plan. These aviation service providers are vetted by the INternational Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) for their capabilities, experience, and history of customer satisfaction.

You can find maintenance providers under the Maintenance & Overhaul Services listings and the Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs listings.

Other Offerings, Including Private Jets for Sale
IADA is the only accrediting body of aircraft dealers worldwide, and those with this prestigious accreditation are experts in the private aviation industry and in aircraft sales. If you’re looking for a used private jet for sale to add to your fleet, or if you need recommendations for your maintenance plan, IADA can help with both.

IADA Accredited Aircraft Dealers must meet rigorous criteria set forth by IADA and possess recommendations from other accredited dealers and industry professionals. They agree to abide by a 12-point code of ethics to ensure transparent and ethical sales practices. Similarly, the service providers vetted by IADA and listed on can be trusted to provide top-notch service with the highest customer satisfaction in the private aviation industry.

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