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September 7, 2022

Elevated Elegance: Aftermarket Interior Trends for Private Jet Owners

Upgrade Your Used Private Jet Cabin to Enjoy Business Travel Even More

The demand for owning a private jet is on the rise, but market supply is low, which means buyers are opting for less-than-perfect used private jets and instead choosing to upgrade their interiors and avionics systems to meet their needs.

One major customization jet owners are pursuing is a full refit of cabin finishes. Customizing the interior of your business jet is a great option if you’re looking for a highly specialized cabin that helps you and your team stay comfortable while also reflecting your brand. Industry experts reveal the design upgrades that private jet owners are likely to want this year.

Long-Lasting, High-Quality Finishes
The newest private jets to hit the market feature simple and modern interiors that play up the quality of the materials. Rather than intricate - and often cheesy - joinery of wooden and plastic wall panels, modern design dictates a more streamlined look that still feels special and high-end.

The design should allow your business executives to get work done, if they choose, or opt to take a break, rest, and rejuvenate on their flight. This can include oversized club seating in unique arrangements for maximizing privacy, or sectioning off the cabin into separate quarters dedicated to resting or working.

Organic Modern Interior Styling in Private Jet Cabins
The organic modern design trend is big in homes right now, and its comforting and calming vibe is now highly sought-after in the private jet industry. This style combines organic materials like wood and leather with soothing neutral tones and joins them with traditional and classic shapes or smooth, aerodynamic ones.

“Vegan” leather and recycled or sustainable materials are also enjoying an increase in demand in the jet upgrade marketplace.

Private Jet Cockpit Upgrades
To the untrained eye, most used private jet cockpits look exactly the same: two twin shearling seats surrounded by a number of screens, dials, and buttons. They’re generally very militarized and spartan, in some regards.

To help attract pilots to the private aviation sector, some private jet owners are upgrading their cockpits with not only new avionics systems, but also with interior design more on par with a luxury car than an aircraft.

High-Tech Entertainment Systems in the Cabin
The more modern pre-owned jets for sale come standard with a cabin information and entertainment system that shows the jet’s location en route to the destination and provides internet connectivity. You may be familiar with a basic system like one you may find on transatlantic flights on Boeing passenger jets.

But for some frequent travelers in business jets, that level of system simply isn’t enough. Technology has developed far enough that more complex infotainment systems are now available, including those that allow passengers to stream music or movies via Bluetooth and offer activities for passing the time.

Fantasy Cabin Ceiling Design

Tech-savvy private jet designers are going above and beyond in transforming plane cabins. One UK-based company has gone so far as to include art sculptures in bulkheads and turn cabin ceilings into night skies by using special lighting that refracts on 3D clouds. They’re even able to recreate entire galaxy formations with accuracy, so passengers feel like they’re gazing at the actual heavens.

This unique feature likely isn’t an upgrade that all business travelers would appreciate, but it would certainly make for a magical and enthralling flight experience.

Where to Find Used Private Jets Just Waiting for Your Special Touch

Those seeking freedom from the constraints of commercial air travel are wise to consider purchasing a used private jet. Buying your own can cut travel costs, including the value of time spent in airports at the gate or lounge, and enable business executives to feel more productive during flight time.

The smartest way to buy a pre-owned jet for sale for business travel is to partner with a knowledgeable aircraft dealer who has earned prestigious certification from the International Aircraft Dealers Association, or IADA. IADA Accredited Aircraft Dealers pledge to follow a strict code of ethics and are well-versed in the private aviation industry.

They help their clients find and purchase used private jets from anywhere in the world and can even help buyers gain access to trustworthy private aviation service providers, including those who can help them upgrade their aircraft cabins.

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