Considerations for Buying an Aircraft

June 17, 2022

Is It Safer to Fly in Your Own Private Jet, or First Class Through an Airline?

Why Business Jets Are Top-Notch for Safety and Privacy

With more instances of outrageous passenger behavior on commercial airlines, and exceedingly long lines through security - even with TSA Pre-Check - it’s no wonder businesses are opting to buy used private jets to shuttle their c-suite leaders to and from important meetings around the world.

The question of safety comes up frequently when considering the main differences between these travel options. And truthfully, there are far more compelling reasons to opt to fly privately than personal safety, flexibility and privacy being keys.

Is Flying in a Business Jet Safe?

The chance of dying in a plane crash is one in 11 million, regardless of the type of jet you’re aboard - commercial or private. And because private jet owners are more acutely aware of the maintenance and repairs conducted on their aircraft, we’d wager that flying privately feels inherently safer.

Bear in mind that all jets traveling through airspace must meet rigorous standards set forth by governmental entities and other regulatory bodies, so flying in a private jet is equally as safe as flying on a traditional airline.

However, when you compare your risk from other passengers, opting for a private jet flight is far safer because you don’t need to interact with hundreds of strangers in any capacity during the security, waiting, or boarding processes, nor during your flight. You’re in total control of who is allowed on your own plane, and who is not.

And if you count chances of contracting contagious disease as an element of safety, you’ll find that you lean more toward flying privately once again. In short, because you minimize contact with other people, you’re safer from this type of risk.

Better Rationale for Owning a Private Jet: Privacy, Productivity, and Flexibility

Personal safety isn’t a sales pitch your chief financial officer is going to latch onto to justify the expenses of owning a private jet. But flexible scheduling, the ability to be productive while in-air, and improved business performance once at your destination do offer financial data that works in your favor.

In-air productivity limits downtime, as you’re more able to complete work or even attend virtual meetings from a private jet than you could from the first-class cabin of your favorite airline. You’ll also have the privacy to do so; you can handle confidential documents without the risk of your seat neighbor eyeing them.

The flexible flight scheduling that pairs with owning a private jet is yet another reason executives prefer to fly in the business jet. With traditional travel options, you’re at the mercy of someone else’s schedule and logistics strategy; when you own a private jet, you have far more flexibility to schedule flights on your own terms.

You may also find that flights on a private jet are less stressful and more restful than commercial aircraft. It’s grueling to travel through major airports, dragging your luggage behind you, as you juggle your fresh latté and smartphone. For a private flight, you typically can depart from a much smaller regional airport - avoiding lines and crowds altogether - and even older, used private jets are equipped with a galley capable of producing fresh coffee, snacks, and other refreshments, if not a full gourmet meal.

Identifying a Safe Pre-Owned Jet for Sale

Modern times call for modern solutions - and your modern solution to the problem of business travel is most certainly owning a private jet. But finding one to purchase, especially now, can be a difficult mission.

Finding a used private jet for sale has become so time-consuming and flustering thanks to the increase in demand for them, that some business leaders are opting for a jet card membership until the market cools down. But will it cool down? No one can say with certainty, and because of that, we recommend continuing to shop for your ideal aircraft, carefully considering cost, features, condition, and age before finalizing your purchase.

Just as you’d turn to an expert before making any other significant investment, you should partner with a private aviation industry professional to help you navigate the business transaction of buying a pre-owned jet for sale. Such a person, like a broker or dealer, understands the complex and demanding process; their role is to ensure the deal comes out in your favor.

This aircraft acquisition process should include a careful inspection and appraisal of any private jet you’re considering for your fleet - both vital steps that can positively or negatively influence a deal - and your ability to fly any time soon.

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