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March 22, 2023

What to Know After You Buy a Private Jet: All About Inspections

Owning a Private Jet Requires These Important Inspections

Once you have made the decision to buy a private jet for your business through the exclusive listings available at AircraftExchange.com, you will likely discover that there are several key actions you need to take before you get your plane above the clouds.

The most important actions at the top of your list are your aircraft’s required inspections, which are conducted to ensure your jet is airworthy. Aircraft inspections are particularly rigorous, but they are meant to benefit your business. Not only do these inspections keep your aircraft and its passengers safe, but they can potentially help you protect your business jet’s value over time.

What Inspections Are Required After You Buy a Private Jet?

AircraftExchange.com is your resource to find carefully vetted pre-owned jets for sale through our exclusive list of dealers accredited by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA). AircraftExchange.com also offers a wide variety of resources and industry knowledge to make owning a private jet the best experience possible.

Here’s what you need to know about getting your business jet inspected before it is deemed airworthy:

● Importantly, the FAA requires that all jets receive an annual inspection, or they are not permitted for operation. You must have this inspection performed by a mechanic with an Inspection Authorization (IA) from the FAA. Your business is likely already in the habit of scheduling a variety of service and maintenance procedures; therefore, you can consider this another important date on your business calendar. Feel free to utilize your IADA Accredited Dealer as a resource to find a mechanic with an IA, as it is highly likely they will be able to recommend someone with FAA Inspection Authorization credentials.

● All aircraft that carry at least one person other than a crew member must also submit to a 100-hour inspection. This inspection is exactly what it sounds like. Once your aircraft has flown 100 hours, it must be inspected for airworthiness. Your business jet will then be inspected at 100-hour intervals thereafter.

Fortunately, if you’ve dealt with an IADA Accredited Dealer of pre-owned jets for sale, you are well on your way to excellent inspection results. Our IADA Accredited Dealers must undergo and report on their own stringent set of inspection and maintenance requirements to ensure their clients get the most exceptional business jets on the market today.

Are There Other Required Inspections Once I Buy a Private Jet?

If you’ve already done some research online, you may have read about progressive inspections, as well as special and unscheduled inspections.

● A progressive inspection can be useful if your plane is being used very consistently. This helps your business to minimize the amount of time your business jet is grounded for maintenance. After receiving specific permission from the FAA, your inspections will take place after shorter periods of time than the 100-hour inspection.

● Special inspections must be performed on specific parts of your aircraft that are essential for a safe flight. When certain parts of your aircraft are being retired (e.g., landing gear components) or when certain parts need to be replaced (e.g., bearings), a special inspection is required to ensure safety and compliance.

● Unscheduled inspections are also required when a component in your aircraft needs maintenance or repair. Certain airborne events (unexpected turbulence or hard landings) may also require an unscheduled inspection to assure the safety and proper functioning of the aircraft.

In addition, the responsibilities of owning a private jet also include pre-flight inspections, which are necessary to ensure that each business flight you take is safe and secure. When your jet ownership begins by working with an IADA Accredited Dealer and purchasing a pre-owned jet for sale, you’ve already tapped a powerful resource for all inspections, maintenance, service, and products when you need them. When you work with an IADA Accredited Dealer through AircraftExchange.com you can expect superior service opportunities throughout the ownership of your aircraft.

Buy a Private Jet That’s Flight Ready with AircraftExchange.com

If you’ve been doing research on all the requirements you need to follow as you prepare for owning a private jet, let AircraftExchange.com serve as your knowledge hub and your one-stop resource for high-quality, high-performing pre-owned jets for sale.

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