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October 21, 2021

The Buyers Guide to Finding the Right Light Business Jet

Private Jets for Sale Come in All Sizes; If a Light Jet is Right for You, Here’s How to Choose the Right Make and Model

With a booming private aviation industry, it can be hard to locate and purchase a business jet. But if you’re targeting light jets, you’re likely to have quite a few choices in the entry-level jet category.

Let’s explore the basic characteristics of light jets, so you can choose the right manufacturer and model to suit your executive travel needs. Then, we’ll show you where to find a used private jet for sale through an aircraft dealer you can trust.

Typical Light Jet Size and Specs
A light jet has up to 20,000 pounds maximum takeoff weight, with maximum ranges between 1,000 miles to 2,500 miles and a cruising speed of about 450 miles per hour.

A typical light jet, or small business jet, seats between four and eight people, although the fewer the passengers, the more comfortable the cabin. Club seating tends to be the norm, although you can find cabins with sofas. Galleys and lavatories in the cabin are standard, although they are quite small to remain in proportion with the rest of the jet.

Light jets can travel long distances and use less fuel than larger aircraft while doing so. They can land on short runways, which means they give business travelers access to smaller, efficient airports.

Considerations When Shopping for a Business Jet
Before you can make an offer on a preowned private jet for sale, you need to determine the qualities your executives leaders are looking for while traveling by air. If they’re accustomed to commercial air travel on major airlines, they may be unaware of what to expect from a private jet. You may want to brief them on that to help guide the decision.

  • Price. Light jets can cost less than a million dollars, to just over a million. These are likely the most affordable prices available for an aircraft that can carry several passengers and their luggage. And don’t forget operating costs; fixed and variable annual costs can run well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Cabin height, width, and length. Light jets often are not considered to be “full height,” which means most people may find it impossible to stand upright while navigating the aisle. This is typical of a light jet, so don’t let this be the reason an exec rules out a particular preowned jet.

  • On-board amenities. Each passenger seat has its own table for working and dining, plus a small storage area. However, interior luggage compartments are rare for this size jet, and cargo is stored in an area accessible only from outside the jet. Entertainment systems and cabin-management systems are the norm for most newer used private jets in this size category.

  • Lavatory privacy. On commercial flights, your executive leaders are accustomed to full-closing, locking doors on lavatories. On light private jets, there will be a divider from the remainder of the cabin, but the lavatory door may not be floor-to-ceiling. If privacy in the restroom is required, you’ll want to look deep into the features of each light jet you’re considering.

  • Destinations. Light jets tend not to be able to make transatlantic or cross-country flights without stopping to refuel. You’ll need to check maximum flight distances and compare them to common routes your execs will need to fly for business meetings.

Popular Light Private Jets for Sale
Two of the most popular light jets are the Cessna Citation M2 and the Embraer Phenom 300. You’ll also want to look into these used business jets:

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Where to Shop for Private Jets for Sale

The best place to find reputable listings of used private jets for sale is AircraftExchange, the exclusive online marketplace of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA). This online search portal was created to make buying private jets efficient and transparent, as you work with the most ethical aircraft dealers in the world.

IADA Accredited Aircraft Dealers agree to participate in rigorous continuing education to stay abreast of the latest best practices in the private aviation industry, and sign a 12-point code of ethics. Their listings of preowned private jets for sale are carefully vetted to ensure each posting includes relevant and accurate data, including airframe, total cycles, maintenance tracking, engines, avionics, and more.

Skip the jet card and search the AircraftExchange portal for light jets for sale. Then, call an aircraft dealer to start the purchase process. You’re ready to own a private jet!