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August 12, 2020

Our Guide to the Beechcraft Corp. Hawker 800XP

Check Off All Your Wish List Boxes with this Midsize Business Jet for Sale

Honeywell, the manufacturer of the Beechcraft Hawker 800XP’s avionics, touts the jet as a “true definition of an aircraft that has no limits.”

The Hawker 800XP was born as a third-generation of the 800 series, and is the most successful private jet made in Britain. Because of its prior iterations, Hawker had the chance to improve upon certain aspects to turn out a midsize twinjet business aircraft with better cruise, climb speed, and performance.

Replacing the Hawker 800, the 800XP was released in 1995. Within its ten-year production span ending in 2005, Hawker Beechcraft produced an impressive 426 aircraft, the majority of which are owned outright today.

Beechcraft Hawker 800XP Specs
The 800XP’s twin AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR engines exert 4,660 pounds of thrust each on takeoff, easily allowing the jet to climb to 37,000 feet in twenty minutes and cruise at 447 knots. For longer-range flights, this midsize private jet soars 2,000 feet higher at 400 knots. The jet uses 217 gallons of fuel per hour.

Because it is not nearly one of the largest pre-owned midsize jets for sale, the 800XP’s strongest suit is taking off from runways shorter than what is typically required for international flights. When carrying six passengers, crew, and baggage, expect the maximum range of this jet to handily reach between New York and Los Angeles or Singapore and Beijing. With additional passengers, you may expect short layovers for refueling.

Refer to the table below for more specifications for this aircraft.

Hawker 800XP Range
Normal Range: 2470 nm
Maximum Range: 2620 nm
Service Ceiling: 41000 ft

Hawker 800XP Distances
Balanced Field Length: 5640 ft
Landing Distance: 3803 ft

Hawker 800XP Performance
Rate of Climb: 3415 fpm

Climb Rate One Engine Inoperable: 470 fpm

Maximum Speed: 448 kts

Normal Cruise: 430 kts
Economy Cruise: 402 kts

Hawker 800XP Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 28000 lb

Max Landing Weight: 23350 lb

Operating Weight: 16250 lb

Fuel Capacity:10000 lbs
Payload with Full Fuel: 1750 lb

Maximum Payload: 2050 lb

Cabin Features of the 800XP Private Jet
The 800XP cabin is 6 feet wide, 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and 21 feet, 4 inches long. A 49 cubic-foot baggage area is located inside the cabin, at the front, which can hold up to 16 medium-sized suitcases, when loaded smartly. The private jet will accommodate two crew members and up to eight passengers.

Seating is configured with a four-person club section, a three-seater divan with a fold-out table, and a single forward-facing seat. The aft lavatory with large sink vanity, and a small, but adequate forward galley complete the set-up. Because the 800XP is a pre-owned aircraft, you may expect variations in the lay-out due to preferences of the aircraft’s previous owners.

Interior cabin noise from the jet to hovers in the low 70s decibel range, approximately the equivalent of a running vacuum cleaner. The cabin maintains sea-level at up to 22,200 feet, or 8.6 psi. Some pre-owned business jets may come with cabin soundproofing materials already installed, which makes for a quieter ride overall. However, these are not necessary for conducting business or relaxing uninterrupted.

Entertainment and productivity features inside the cabin include the Airshow 410 system, which displays detailed graphics of flight progress, flight-time, altitude, safety briefings, and more. No business jet would be complete without Wi-Fi.

Expect glossy wood veneer or neutral wall panelings below the oval windows, neutral upholstery, as well as two fold-out tables suitable for conducting business in the jet’s club seating for a meeting of up to four of your C-suite leaders. The aesthetic is sophisticated, without being over the top.

Although we’d hesitate to call the 800XP’s cabin “open” or “airy,” your company’s executives will appreciate that each seat, excluding the divan, swivels a full 360 degrees. This capability makes the cabin configuration seem more customizable and gives a sense of privacy despite the cabin’s narrow width.

Inside the Beechcraft Hawker 800XP Cockpit
The original avionics system is the Honeywell SPZ-8000 suit, which includes GPS, Dual RCZ-850 integrated High Frequency communications, a Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), dual autopilot, Primus 870 weather radar, and a Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II).

The crew monitors flight and systems information across five screens, with some analog controls and extra flight deck space. Pilot reviews of the cockpit and its systems remain overwhelmingly positive. Note that Honeywell offers updated avionics for the jet.

Why the Hawker 800XP is Your Best Choice
For budget-minded companies seeking out a private jet suitable for business flights of varying durations, or those seeking a dedicated aircraft for business trips of a small, select group of company employees, the Hawker 800XP is likely well-suited.

This midsize private jet is the perfect marriage of performance, necessity, and desirability. In tandem with its gracious cockpit, its cabin accommodations are befitting of smart corporate executives. We especially love that the luggage storage is thoughtfully placed at the entrance of the jet, for easy loading and unloading without having to wrestle suitcases down the center aisle.

Plan to have big expectations for this jet; you won’t be disappointed.

Ownership and Operational Costs of the Hawker 800XP
A brand-new Beechcraft Hawker 800XP sold for about $16 million. Today, you can find a pre-owned private jet for $1 million to $2.5 million dollars, depending on its flight hours, maintenance records, and any updates made over the course of its lifetime.

For 200 flight hours per year, expect your company’s total annual budget for a single jet to be near $1 million, or $1.5 million for 400 hours per year. These operating costs include maintenance, crew training, hangar rental, insurance, fuel, and more.

Find a Hawker XP800 For Sale
To find the ideal Hawker 800XP for your upcoming business travel, contact an International Aircraft Dealers Association Accredited Aircraft Dealer. Working with an industry-seasoned dealer affords you connections to aviation service providers that only relationships spanning decades can provide, as well as the promise of ethical and efficient business dealings.

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